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Top 6 Ideas for Repairing a Home

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As far as repairs and maintenance are concerned, labor is among the costly parts of a homeowner’s budget. Although most individuals opt to save money by handling repair projects themselves, not all have the skills to fix their houses.

Trying  DIY projects without complete knowledge and careful preparation can lead to expenses, which exceed contractors’ costs. Even when you already have the know-how and experience, it is vital to consider the permits, time, tools, and materials needed for your improvement project.

Some of the projects you can handle yourself include:

1.      Spot Toilet Leaks

If you suspect a leaky toilet, you can use a packet of Kool-Aid to determine the problem. After you remove the lid of your toilet tank, deposit the contents of the Kool-Aid packet into the tank.

Wait for at least 20 minutes. If the water inside the toilet bowl has a similar color as the Kool-Aid, then there is a leak. Just ensure you avoid flushing the toilet while waiting for the Kool-Aid to do the magic.

2.      Apply Sealant

Sealant is the rubbery stuff between the walls and tub, sink, or shower. It establishes a seal, which protects walls and tiles from moisture.

Over time, sealants may deteriorate or discolor, leaving your house susceptible to mold growth and damage. The most difficult part of installing a sealant is to remove any residue left from the old application. Without completely eliminating the remaining sealant, the new bead may not stick properly.

Today, there are a couple of different products on the market that make it easier to remove and soften sealant. For instance, some sealants come with a putty knife. After removing the old sealant, clean the area and let it dry completely.

3.      Clean Air Filters

Cleaning and maintaining an air filtration system is usually an overlooked project. Clogged or dirty air filters may damage AC systems or even result in a fire outbreak. Filters in a portable filtration system are also susceptible to become clogged or dirty. The air filters must be clean.

Cleaning filters is as easy as removing and shaking them clean. In other cases, you may need to wash and brush them off.

4.      Repair Wobbly Tables and Chairs

One of the more annoying problems homeowners can deal with is wobbly furniture. First, take apart the furniture and use a good chisel to get rid of wood or excess glue on the joining part. Once you clean the joints of the tables and chairs, reapply some wood glue and join the rest of the parts together. Hold the parts together using a rope until your glue dries completely.

5.      Test the Seals of the Refrigerator Door

The seal around the refrigerator door is responsible for keeping the inside of your appliance cold. When it fails, your appliance also becomes less effective and can shorten its lifespan.

In order to test the door seal, you need to close the refrigerator door on a sheet of paper and see if the paper stays in place. If you cannot replace the refrigerator door seal, you can order a new one at a reliable store.

6.      Lube Doors and Vinyl Windows

When doors and vinyl windows don’t function smoothly, it means gunk has as built up in the channels. However, even clean doors and windows may get stuck at times. Using a spray adhesive or lubricant can be a big help for your project. Avoid using an oil-based lubricant for this home repair as it may attract dirt and damage the vinyl.

The Bottom Line!

Repairs are normal. The fact is, that provided you have a house, it will always require repairs at some point. The good news is you can turn your house into a dream home within a budget by fixing broken appliances and leaky sinks yourself.