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Privacy Policy

“When you use our website and enter your email address on our website (either to log in, or sign up for a newsletter, or similar), we may share with solution providers and its group companies information that we collect from you, such as your email (in hashed, pseudonymous form), IP address, or information about your browser or operating system, with any of the following, acting as “joint controllers” (as applicable and defined in the GDPR).
This Site is affiliated with Adapex INC for the purposes of placing advertising on the Site, and Adapex INC will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. Learn more about Adapex’s data usage here.”

Why is privacy language needed for publishers?
Just like California’s CCPA legislation that came through a couple of years ago, there are many more individual state privacy legislations coming through the pipeline over the next year. In order to ensure our publishers have the right legal language, opt-outs, and beyond to remain compliant, we are asking our publishers to add a line of text created by our Data Privacy Officer which links back to Adapex’s privacy policy. We won’t need to continue to ask your team to update your privacy policy because now it links back to ours.Coming soon.