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How to Wash Your Car Like A Pro at Home

How to Wash Your Car Like A Pro at Home
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When it comes to having a car that shines, there’s no need to haul yourself over to a car wash. With the right techniques and tools, you can easily clean your car to perfection and make it look brand new. Here’s how to wash your car like a pro at home for the sleekest finish possible.

Stick to specialty car care products

Before you even think about washing your car, you’ve got to make sure the products you use are made for that exact purpose. Far too many people simply slap on some dish soap, scrape it all over their car with a harsh rag, and call it a day. In actuality, if you do this, you only damage your car more in the long run. Stick with high-quality products from a car care store, and you’ll surely notice the difference.

Wash it out of direct sunlight

You may think it makes the most sense to wash your car under the sun, but it can actually result in an unsavory finish. The direct sunlight will cause it to dry prematurely, which will result in swirls and streaks. Make sure you wash your car under a shady spot to avoid this.

Use the two-bucket method

When it comes to how to wash your car like a pro at home, using just one bucket won’t do it. You want to use the two-bucket method: one to fill up with soapy water, and the other to fill up with plain water. You’ll wash with the soapy water, and you’ll rinse off your towels and mitts with the plain water. That way, you won’t get any dirt from your car into your soapy water bucket.

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Hose off your car

Now it’s time for a simple hose down. Don’t use a strong setting, as it can actually harm your car’s paint. Instead, use a gentler setting, and wet the entirety of your car. This will help to loosen the dirt on your car and make it easier to get off with cleaning products.

Use a wash mitt to clean the surface

Once everything is hosed down, it’s time to go in with your car wash mitt. Soak it in the soapy water and go to town washing off the surface of your car. These specialty mitts are the best way to go, since they’re both gentle on your car and effective on grime. The last thing you want to do is use regular towels—they’re far too abrasive and could cause irreversible scratches on your car’s surface.

Work from the top down

When it comes to your technique, always clean from the top to the bottom. This will avoid any need to redo your work. If you cleaned from the bottom up, for example, the previously cleaned bottom section may get contaminated when you clean the top. Circumvent this entirely by working from the very top to the very bottom of your vehicle.

Dry with microfiber towels

Drying is an essential part of the car washing process, and if you do it incorrectly, it could ruin all the hard work you put in. That’s why it’s so important to dry off your ride with microfiber towels; these are the gentlest option you can find, and they will help you avoid unattractive swirls as your car dries.

Once you’ve gone through each step of this process, you’ll have an impeccably cleaned car. You’ll notice such a huge difference when you add in some extra steps and use quality products. Each bit of extra effort is more than worth the incredible outcome you’ll see.