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5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids

5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids
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Your kids will pick up on many things you say and do. Children learn the habits you have, good or bad, so it’s important to pay attention to what you pass down to your kids. Show your child how much you care about yourself and them with these parental pearls of wisdom—we compiled a list of awesome healthy habits to teach your kids. Read on to learn how you can influence your child’s habits.

Healthy Eating: Fill the Rainbow

One of the most important habits you can teach your kids is the necessity of healthy eating. You want your children to have good eating habits, but for them to fully understand and implement these habits into their own lives, they need to see you eating the same way.

Do your best as a family to have a full rainbow on your plate each night. Include fruits, vegetables, a protein, and a carb. It may not happen for every meal, but the more you stress it, the more they’ll recognize how important it is.

Take Care of Hygiene: Wash, Brush, and Cover

Especially for the younger kids, you need to focus on creating healthy hygiene habits. In the most basic sense, think about it as three main things you need them to remember—wash, brush, and cover.

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Wash your hands after using the restroom, playing on the playground, or touching something dirty. Brush your teeth each morning and night, and cover your nose and mouth for a sneeze or cough. These basic things will help them start healthy hygiene habits.

Daily Exercise: Encourage Outdoor Play

This is just as important for you as it is for your children. No matter what you child’s age, you need to stress the importance of daily exercise and outdoor play. You can take a walk around the neighborhood or stop at the local playground. Either way, do your best to unplug from electronics and reap the benefits of outdoor play. Check out a few of these key tips to get your teens outside if you struggle to pull them away from the computer.

Bolster Creativity: Read Every Day

Creativity is one of the most lovable qualities about a child. Their free spirits and imagination are something you should try to foster as much as possible. As kids grow up, though, a lot of that creativity starts to fade, but it’s such an important trait to have.

Help bolster their creativity by reading every day when you can. Read a book before bed, or set aside thirty minutes where you can read together. The more stories they read and hear, the more open they’ll be to new ideas.

Mental Health Care: Focus on Positivity

Don’t forget about mental health! Even at a young age, you need to ensure that you pay attention to your child’s mental health and help them improve their own. Encourage them to talk about their feelings and delve into their emotions.

You can encourage the habit of self-care if you focus on positivity. When something goes awry, try to change their mindset from one of anger and frustration to one of positivity. The more you do this for yourself, the more your child will see how beneficial it is to think positively.