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Why You Need to Check Your Cervical Height Before Using a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are not newly innovated menstrual hygiene products. In fact, it was already invented by an American actress around 1937. However, it has not gained its popularity until now.

With menstrual cup’s popularity and advantages, every woman needs to know the factors that affect its efficiency.

Why is Menstrual Cup Gaining its Fame?

If menstrual cups have been around for decades already, then why is it that it only gained fame just now?

The answer to that is due to the drastic change of consumers preference for hygiene products. In fact, according to some studies, there are some people who revolutionized this product which paved the way for its big demands.

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Knowing the Cervix

The cervix is a small yet very important part of the female anatomy, which is essential in the connection between the vagina and uterus.

With this said, this tiny organ looks like a doughnut of flesh whose firmness depends on your menstrual cycle, arousal, and pregnancy. It also functions as a passageway for sperm to swim in and menstrual blood to flow out. Not to mention, it is a multifunctional organ which is designed to adapt for childbirth, with the ability to stretch out up to 10cm during labor.

The Relation Between the Cervix and Menstrual Cup

So, why is measuring cervix height important when you buy a menstrual cup? Think of it this way, if you buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit you well, you will surely find them uncomfortable and inconvenient. The same goes for buying menstrual cups. It must conform with the height of your cervix.

Additionally, menstrual cups come in different kinds of shapes and sizes, which is why you would know what to pick best if you know the said information about your cervix.

How to Measure Your Cervix Height

You are probably wondering by now on how you can possibly measure your cervix height, right? If you are, then just read THIS to know.

Now, you will know through this method if you have either low or high cervix through the fingers as measurement. If it only goes up to one joint of your finger, then that means you have a low cervix. On the other hand, if it goes up to two joints, then you have an average cervix height. Lastly, if your entire finger fits in, then you have a high cervix.

After the measurement, once you are familiar with your cervix height, note it down and find the menstrual cup which would fit perfectly for you.

Your Monthly Cycle and Cervix Height

Another thing that you should know and look out for is the relation of your monthly period and cervix height. Why? Well, your period does not only affect your hormones and other physical characteristics. But it also affects other specific parts of your body such as the cervix height.

Your cervix might actively move throughout your menstrual cycle, before it begins, around ovulation period, and after the period cycle. With this said, the cervix often sits higher and tends to be softer during the ovulation period. On the other hand, close to and during menstruation, the cervix is usually lower and firmer.

Since your cervix height changes throughout your menstrual cycle, it highly affects the cup’s type and length that you should buy. Thus, the best recommendation for this is to check your cervix height at different stages throughout the month, even during your period.

You need to do all of these to ensure that the menstrual cup that you will buy fits you well and will not bring you any discomfort or inconvenience.