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Top 5 Online Entertainment Trends to Follow in 2020

Nowadays the internet offers a lot of options for basically everything, and entertainment is not an exception. The options are limitless. Here we have a list of the most popular online entertainment activities that maybe you have tried before, and if you haven’t then you should.

  • Watch YouTube videos:

Youtube is one of the best free and popular online entertainment websites. You can find millions of videos with all kinds of content for kids, teens and adults. You can enjoy a lot and in different languages, from a music video or a stand-up comedy to a conference or prank. You can also look for DIY projects, recipes, or take classes about something you like, for example, the guitar.

Lately, a lot of users are creating their own podcasts, alone or with friends to talk about different topics, have you tried or heard them?

  • Videochats or conferences:

Due to the quarantine worldwide situation this year, it has become the best way to talk with families and friends to feel them closer, it has been also a great alternative for virtual classes and even work.

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Popular websites like Zoom offers you this type of streaming service for free. You just need a phone or laptop with a camera to open the page, add or call the people you want to talk with and start the chat!

  • Online gambling/casinos:

They are a great option because apart of enjoying your free time playing roulette, jackpots and spins like in a casino you can gain money from home!

There are some casino networks such as Netent Casino, one of the most popular and safe, where you can find promotions in more than 150 different games with high-quality graphics and sound.

  • Social media:

You probably have already used Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter and all the others apps to follow the type of content you enjoy, but lately, there is a new trend: challenges.

A lot of different challenges have been created, especially during the quarantine. And once you’re nominated you have to do a lot of things like dancing. It’s really funny for you and your friends.

  • Paid content:

Pay-per-view platforms such as Netflix have seen an increase in their visits, content creators and customers. The options and prices are really varied and it’s being more popular every day, you should give it a try and look for what’s interesting for you.