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Top 10 Tips Making Your House Cleaning Easier


The key to keeping a clean house is to do simple tasks daily or even weekly. It goes out of control when you realize that you haven’t been cleaning your house for a couple of months.

Finding that your house is messy without you realizing it is enough to drive you a little crazy. We know it’s hard so we would like to give you some tips in making your house cleaning easier.

  1. Always Make Your Bed in the Morning
    This may not seem like it would make a big difference but making your bed as soon as you get up is a great way to start your day. Not only will it make your room brighter, it would also spark productivity in you. Making your bed only takes a minute or two but it would surely benefit you all throughout the day. If you do this simple task daily, it would soon become a habit and a part of your cleaning process.
  2. Declutter
    We often neglect the current things that we have. We often skip this and find out later that it is truly important. Start by going through your things one room at a time. Put away things that you do not really use until you are left with an area that is easier to clean.
  3. Clean the Kitchen Every Time You Cook
    Dirty countertops after cooking make your kitchen look really dirty. Every after meal or snacks, wipe your counters as you put food waste away. It is also important to clean every appliance after use. Once you use it without having to clean any food spillage or dirt, it would get harder to remove it. Do not forget to change your kitchen towels once in a while! Always try your best to clean up as you cook.
  4. Use a Pattern
    How do you really start cleaning? I don’t think I have asked that to anyone yet. Since we all live in different places and homes, we also have different ways to clean. Use a pattern that best works for you. You might not realize its importance but it would work wonders once you adapt to your pattern. Regardless of how clean an area looks to you, it is always better to clean it still. Make sure to use a pattern like cleaning from left to right in every room. This way you will never miss a spot once you clean!
  5. Only Use Vacuum Once You are Done with Dust
    You might think that using a vacuum at the start of your process would easily remove all of the dust and will leave you with less dirt. The truth is that you are just adding dirt on the floor once you officially start cleaning after using your vacuum. Remember to clean your house first and only use the vacuum to remove all of the dust that is left after you thoroughly clean.
  6. Use the Right Cleaning Materials
    What are your must-have cleaning materials? Did you know that microfiber cloths are more effective than sponges or towels? Especially when you are cleaning surfaces, microfiber should be your go-to cleaning tool! It is also washable and quick-drying as they are less likely to hold germs. Using feather dusters must have been a tradition of every family but they are totally illogical. They only tend to move dust around and do not remove it at all.
  7. Delegate Cleaning Tasks
    If you have been cleaning alone all along, it is time to make cleaning a group activity. It is one of the best ways to clean the house faster. It could also add some fun to your cleaning tasks! Even how young they are, as long as you would be able to hand them the value of cleaning, combining your efforts would greatly work well.
  8. Keep a House Cleaning Schedule
    Whether you clean one room a week or clean your whole house all at once, it is better to follow a consistent schedule. Do not wait for your house to look all messed up before you start doing your chores. Change your habit and clean your house on schedule.
  9. Clean As You Go
    We often see this statement but we often fail to do it. It is totally possible to live by it! Even the littlest of things such as throwing away your trash every after you eat something or doing the dishes right away would make a huge difference. It will not really take much of your time and effort, you just need to be intentional. It will save you from cleaning a lot of dirt in the end. 
  10. Opt for House Cleaning Services
    We know that not everyone is capable of choosing a professional cleaning service. However, for those who do not really have the time, there are a lot of available services when you search online.

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