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The Rising Popularity of Google Pay in iGaming Industry

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A key feature of online casinos for players is the availability of popular, secure, and trusted payment methods. One of the most widely accepted and reliable banking options is Google Pay.

This innovative mobile payment system has appeared quite recently but it has rocked the world of online shopping and gambling. More and more iGaming platforms add this method due to its simplicity, safety, and incessantly growing number of users.

But what exactly is Google Pay and why is it gaining popularity in the casino industry? Let’s find out.

What is Google Pay?

The electronic payment system that was launched in 2015 and known as Android Pay originally is currently incredibly popular over the globe and called Google Pay. It has received its first name due to the fact that all the transactions via this payment method are processed from mobile devices including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets powered by Android. However, it was renamed in 2018 and got the name of the company that developed it. It is worth mentioning that the payment is processed through an app using NFC technology.

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Over 884 thousand websites are Google Pay Customers and it is an award-winning mobile payment system in many countries. It is the second most popular payment processor in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries, so it is not surprising gamblers adore it too. 

How to pay with Google Pay

Paying with Google Pay is very easy. Every Android user can set up a digital wallet, link a credit or debit card to it, and get a virtual card number to use for processing funds. The payment is made in a similar way to contactless credit and debit cards.

Users can transfer funds with Google Pay anywhere if they see the wireless payment logo. It is enough to unlock the phone and GPay will open with the default card selected. However, casino deposits are processed in another way.

Players should open the Cashier section in the account making a deposit to Google Pay casino, select this option as a preferred one, enter the amount and select the card to pay from. When a transaction is confirmed, funds arrive to the casino balance almost instantly. 

Benefits of Google Pay in the iGaming industry

Google Pay can boast over 150 million users in 30 countries and this number is constantly growing. A good deal of these people are gamblers who use this banking option for deposits and withdrawals.

Why do they prefer it to others? There are several benefits of using this digital wallet:

  • High processing speed: money is delivered almost instantly;
  • Excellent security: all the user financial data is stored on secure Google servers and there is no access to real card details since a virtual card number is used instead. Furthermore, users can secure their devices with switch on screen lock, 2-factor authentication, PIN code, fingerprint scan and use a Find My Device feature in case of loss or theft;
  • Flexibility: it allows processing funds to other bank accounts, pay online and in physical stores, get cash from ATMs, etc.;
  • Eligibility for bonuses and promotions: this banking option allows gamblers to claim different casino bonuses and increase winnings thanks to them;
  • No extra fees: the majority of transactions are absolutely free;
  • Wide acceptance: users of over 30 countries can pay with GPay on over 860 thousand websites;
  • Many casinos offer this banking option: this a popular payment method with a functional API;
  • Friendly and responsive customer support that helps to cope with any issues or challenges faced.

There are many payment methods used in the iGaming industry nowadays, but not all of them can boast so many benefits like GPay. No wonder experts predict an incredible growth in the number of its users in the upcoming years and more casinos will offer it to players too.

It means that the number of gamblers to prefer GPay to other banking options will increase as well and it may take the first position by the popularity in the near future.