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The Revolution In Men’s Underwear: New Pouch Technology (Video)

When you picture men’s underwear, I’m sure you picture a classic pair of white, V-shaped cotton undies. That same style of underwear chafes your skin and provides zero support. But thanks to patented evolutions in pouch technology, Underwear for Men (UFM) have changed the game forever.

UFM – Featuring New Pouch Technology

UFM has emerged as the premier men’s underwear brand. They’re the only men’s underwear brand whose products truly provide both isolation and support.  UFM’s patented pouch technology and elastic-free design add durability unseen in other men’s underwear brands.

Watch the following video where the technology is discussed in further detail:

Problems Solved by UFM’s New Pouch Technology

The three main problems with classic pairs of men’s underwear are they lack support, they chafe and they absorb sweat rather than wicking it away.

Keeps you supported

A good pair of underwear first and foremost needs to support your manhood.  If you’re constantly on the move, UFM’s pouch technology implements a drawstring designed for comfort while still providing excellent support tailored to a specific body type. 

Keeps you comfortable

The next problem is that of chafing.  Most pairs of men’s underwear absorb sweat and as they ride up, opening thighs to chafing.  UFM men’s underwear eliminates all scrotum to thigh and thigh to thigh contact, which prevents sticking, rubbing and chafing.

Keeps you dry

Lastly, a modern pair of underwear should keep you dry above all else.  Cotton is a naturally absorbent material, actually making it horrible for underwear (go figure).  UFM’s moisture-wicking fabrics are designed to move sweat away from your skin and allow you to glide instead of catch as your legs move.

UFM Regular Support Men’s Underwear:

This model of men’s underwear features a drawstring path designed for comfort, to stop chafe and increased support.

They eliminate all skin on skin contact and the drawstring path actually extends deeper into the crotch when compared to the Max design.

UFM MAX Support Men’s Underwear:

This next model of men’s underwear features a drawstring path that is further forward.  As a result, your manhood is lifted much higher and supported firmly in place.  

Every man is different and choosing the right model comes down to purely personal preference.

Final thoughts on new pouch technology

UFM men’s underwear featuring new pouch technology is a game-changer.

As the only pair of men’s underwear on the market that effectively provides both isolation and support, check out the UFM official website



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