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Press Release Strategies for Your Small Business

It can be disheartening to know that most journalists will never acknowledge your business, products, or services. Your company must be viral or newsworthy for bloggers and journalists to sit up and pay attention. They must care about your story.

The best strategy is to carefully craft a great story about your business or products and services.

While most press releases sent to news organizations are never even read, it’s best to create your press release sample for event publishing online. Publish your press release online so it can get syndicated through an online news portal. Even when posting your press release online, you will want to ensure it’s newsworthy, and readers will want to share it.

Here are some great ideas for press releases for your small business:

Write About Good Causes in Your Community

Writing about good causes can highlight the good your business does in your community. You can publish press releases on your company’s employees taking a day out to volunteer at the animal shelter cleaning up and taking pictures to get more pets adopted, or your annual holiday festivities of volunteering to serve at the local community soup kitchen.

People love to read about good causes and charity work, and it will help your business set a great example for others.

Create Stories Around Lists

Build a press release around a story with a detailed list. You can increase brand awareness around a product or service by creating a list like “Top 5 Ways to Use Blue Widgets This Summer” or similar. It’s an effective online marketing strategy because you can include a link to your products for customers to find more information and buy.

Publish Your Research Findings

If your small business is involved in research, it’s always useful to publish your findings on a topic. People are curious and interested in this type of information, and it can help you gain subscribers for your email list and get more traffic to your website.

Spin Your Own Local News Story

Scan your local newspaper and watch television for news that relates to your small business. You can take notes and draft a press release with your spin on the story. Tie in your company, products, or services in the article and get it syndicated for maximum results.

Remember to act fast on the news story and get it published and syndicated as quickly as you can so that it can gain some traction online and rank in the search engines. It’s also a good idea to embed videos in press releases to increase audience engagement.

Publish the Sensational Story

Sensational stories have a way of going viral quickly online. Find strange and bizarre stories online to write about and publish in a press release. Stories with unusual themes might be a good idea around Halloween because of the subject. It’s extreme marketing, and you can check search volume and trends in free tools like Google Trends and Trend Hunter.