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Myrtle Beach Attractions: 11 Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach


Looking for a new place to explore?  You must pay a visit to South Carolina.

Whether it is southern hospitality or their unique sweet tea, life can’t get sweeter anywhere than in South Carolina. The most happening place in the state is none other than Myrtle Beach. The coastal area attracts thousands of admirers each year, from all over the world.

If you are thinking of moving to another sunny place or hoping to buy a second vacation home by the beach, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for you. Here are eleven attractions that will ensure you never run out of activities to do at Myrtle Beach.

The Beach

Anyone who is looking to move to or visit South Carolina would jump at the idea of coming to Myrtle Beach. And, what is the main attraction that pulls people to Myrtle Beach each year? It’s the beach. Anyone who loves the beach life would love this place.

Faith Based Events

The long stretch of sand here is one of the best beach-walks in South Carolina. Imagine living in a beachside condo and going for a jog every morning. The beach community is welcoming and never shy of spreading that Southern love for people.

You can swim, surf, sunbathe, build a sandcastle or two, and so on. You will never be short of fun here, right?

The Boardwalk & Promenade

Right on the beach are the Boardwalk and Promenade. At first sight, you will be struck by the beauty and size of the wooden structure. At night the promenade is a sight to behold.

This area is the hotspot of Myrtle Beach. The area comes with a huge sky wheel that is a must ride for people who want a bird’s eye view of the entire coast.

The boardwalk leads to numerous shops and restaurants. You would love to enjoy Southern seafood in the many oceanfront restaurants by the boardwalk. The Myrtle Beach social pool is made up of a diverse range of people from all over the world that includes both tourists and locals.

Intracoastal Waterway Tours

If you are looking to explore the many water bodies of South Carolina then you must look up Intracoastal waterway Myrtle Beach.

The Atlantic Intracoastal waterway has a section running through Myrtle Beach and if you get on a boat and sail on the water, the beauty of the expansive area will take your breath away.

While you are at Myrtle Beach, you must explore the Intracoastal waterways. Their many marinas can be your pit stops along the way, each area offering its unique charms. Dinner cruises, yacht tours, boat rides, etc, all offer many opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate, you will love the options available scattered around the Intracoastal waterways.

Water Sports

If you already visited Myrtle Beach and did not try any of the water sports, you have missed out greatly. Numerous water sports companies are offering various activities from kayaking to parasailing! If there is any particular one you enjoy, you will find it in Myrtle Beach.

The scuba diving in Myrtle Beach is an exciting experience, where experienced trainers give guided tours of not only versatile sea life but also to see all sorts of old-world wreckage. The scuba diving experts guide you through the process and offer training courses.

If you love regular water sports like surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, etc, come to Myrtle Beach. The waterways are perfect for canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boating, etc.


Want to fish in the Atlantic Waters? Come to Myrtle Beach and bring your children along on your trip. Fishing in Myrtle Beach often becomes a fun family activity.

From saltwater fishing at the pier to inland freshwater fishing in the Intracoastal waterways, you will find so much variety, both in fishing and catching, you will never tire of it.

If you are feeling adventurous, try out deep sea fishing. You will find many deep sea fishing services that take you out into the ocean, where you can try your hand at angling.

Myrtle Beach is a fishing haven. If you love fishing and are thinking of real estate investments, consider buying a vacation home in Myrtle Beach.


The entire South Carolina is filled with numerous acres of golf courses. Golfing is huge in the palmetto state! If you love golfing, come to Myrtle Beach. The golf courses are versatile and breathtakingly beautiful.

Close to the greater Myrtle Beach Area, there are about ninety different golf courses. Try your hand at putting in any of these courses. You can book sessions and will be surprised to find many are already booked! The sport is extremely popular in Myrtle Beach.

You can reserve for a whole day golfing. Some golf courses offer sessions that include food and drinks too. You can also try miniature golf for a more informal and relaxed game.

Live Shows, Theaters & Concerts

Myrtle Beach offers some world-class entertainment, which includes a wide range of Live Variety Shows. Get uplifted by live music in The House Of Blues, Legends in concerts, and numerous other concert halls. Or enjoy the moving acts by some of the best theater groups in the states.

The stars of entertainment in Myrtle Beach are the live variety shows and the dinner shows. From stand-up comedy and magical acts to performances by animals and acrobats, you will find everything in the Myrtle Beach entertainment scene.

The dinner shows offer entertaining performances paired with dining, which is an experience you must try at least once in Myrtle Beach.

Vibrant Nightlife

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is the hub for Nightlife in the area. You will find beach clubs, nightclubs, pubs, lounges, and pretty much anything you are looking for in the area. Dance the night away in any of the beach clubs, some of them are right on the beach.

Nightlife at Myrtle Beach is colorful and vibrant. The crowds that fill up the venues include locals and foreigners, so you get to socialize with a variety of people. A night out in Myrtle Beach will not disappoint you.

You should also try out the live music venues for your outings for a memorable night out. For family-friendly fun, try the bowling alleys, arcades, etc.

Fine & Casual Dining

A foodie, especially one that loves seafood, would never want to leave Myrtle Beach. Imagine feasting on jumbo shrimps right at the beach, sipping sweet tea as you watch the blood-red sun sink into the ocean!

Oceanfront restaurants offer mouthwatering delicacies that will leave you wanting more. You will get to taste the freshest catches because Myrtle Beach offers the best seafood in all of South Carolina!

Fine dining, casual dining, and family dining, whatever you are looking for you will find it right on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. They offer some top-notch steakhouses, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, etc. You must try the local favorites like shrimp and grits, Oyster Roast, Crab Soup, and their seafood buffets!

Endless Shopping

If you love shopping, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is where you want to be. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of shops that are available in the area. From designer boutiques to thrift shops, you will find it all. Shop till you drop when you come to Myrtle Beach.

There are plenty of shops for beachwear and souvenirs, so no worries about taking gifts back home. There are a handful of shopping malls scattered across the greater Myrtle Beach area that offers not just locally produced items but also big brand names you usually find in bigger cities.

Nature Preserves & Parks

No amount of words can describe the natural beauty of South Carolina and the gem of the state, Myrtle Beach, is no different. You will find acres and acres of nature preserves and parks in the area. Your children would love to get a glimpse of the beautiful local wildlife.

You will find some ancient trees here! There is so much greenery that you would not want to go back home. Other than the parks, the marshlands around Intracoastal waterways are picturesque and a must-see for nature lovers.

Final Thoughts

You will never get bored if you ever decide to move to, or visit Myrtle Beach. There is so much to see, do, and experience, that you wouldn’t know how your vacation days passed so quickly.

Come to Myrtle Beach for a fun and exciting time alone, with friends or family. You will enjoy every second of your visit to this Southern coastal gem.