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Real Estate: Following The Trail To Financial Freedom

Never underestimate the power of a skilled real estate broker; you know the ones who know the market, the properties, and the best deals for any buyer, never underestimate their knowledge.

Despite the downward trends in the real estate market in 2019, the market has remained rather stable and booming too. For those that know the ropes, it could be your best bet to financial freedom.

Let face it, people are always buying, selling a home, or more recently, flipping houses. If you think you have the skills to make it in real estate, or have a flair for the housing market, visit www.upnest.com, we might have a spot for you.

Why Real Estate?

And why not! Everybody needs a roof above their heads. Businesses need a place to make them look professional or taken seriously. 

Companies are springing forth daily, and each has a specific to be met only when the right edifice is gotten, and who does that job? A real estate broker, you! Furthermore, with millennials looking to own a property, this is the right time to following the real estate trail to financial freedom.

Types of Real Estate

As a beginner in the real estate market, we bet you thought only residential is classified as real estate. However, it goes beyond that. The real estate market is broken down into three sectors:-

Residential – these include living houses, townhouses, condos, underdeveloped or unfinished properties, etc. Basically, everything that will serve as a dwelling place for humans is residential.

Commercial – these refer to business premises like office structure, utility centers, and service center. Essentially, these are big buildings that serve as places where structures that serve the community is located

Industrial – these can be a finished structure or bare land. They are usually used for large construction work like roads, factories, etc.

When people seek your assistance in looking for any of the above for them, you get paid a realtor’s commission. This is a percentage of the total sum when a real estate deal is closed.

How to determine valuable Real Estate

When investing in real estate, you have to remember that the market is a supply and demand one. The higher the demand is the more valuable and vice versa. However, other factors also increase the value of a real estate property.

Demand – when an area or property is in high demand, the value goes up, which means more money for you.

Utility – if a property can serve more than one purpose, the value increases. For example, if a building serves as an office place but has stores on the lower floor, which equals twice the money.

Scarcity – the more difficult a building is to get, the higher the value. For example, companies might need a structure located in a business district, if the building is up for sale, it could fetch more if more people are interested in it.

Transferability – a property can only make money if it can be transferred to a buyer. So if you are looking at a building and the owner hasn’t relinquished control, you have no sale.

With that said, you need to find a realtor or look for professional real estate broker like Upnest to close the deal on the right property.

Why Invest In Real Estate?

Real estate is the only business where you need your property to start making money. Asides from the passive income gotten from real estate, it is sustainable, durable, and will always appreciate despite the hiccups like politics, economy, and migration.