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Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a great water sport for beginners to try. But you should know there is a learning curve, and you will make mistakes from time to time—and there is nothing wrong with that! Knowing which mistakes to avoid when you’re paddle boarding can help you build skills and prevent injuries. Take a look at the common mistakes below, so you know what to keep in mind when you begin paddling.

You’re Facing the Paddle in the Wrong Direction

While it may seem like you can face your paddle in any direction, there is a proper way to hold it and use it. The paddles you use actually have a slight angle that affects your speed and tracking, depending on which way you face the paddle. For the proper technique, the side with the angle should be facing away from your body while gripping the top of the paddle for the most optimal stroke.

You’re Staring at Your Feet

Our natural instinct will be to look down at our feet when paddle boarding, but this can throw off your balance. While you can’t always avoid falling into the water, you can prevent it from happening more than once by keeping your eyes and head facing forward instead of down. If you’re a beginner learning the ropes, choose an object on shore to focus on and paddle towards it to help with establishing hand-eye coordination, keeping your head up, and maintaining your balance.

You’re Not Familiar With Your Location

One of the myths surrounding paddle boarding is that you can only perform water sport in designated areas. This is false—you can paddle board in whichever body of water you would like unless it’s on private property. However, it’s unsafe to be unfamiliar with the location. For example, you could be paddling downstream, thinking it will lead to another body of water when in reality, it leads to a small waterfall. Survey the location before jumping into the water and make yourself familiar with your surroundings to stay safe.

You’re Standing Too Far Forward

You cannot stand wherever you like on the board. Doing this could force you into taking a dip because too much weight is on one end of the board, making it sink. Plus, the closer you are to the nose of the board, the less control you will have. Consider using the carry handle you use to lift the board as your marker for where to place your feet once you’re ready to begin paddling.

Paddle boarding makes for one of the perfect outdoor sports for summertime or any time of the year when you live in Florida! To enjoy your adventure more, avoid making the mistakes in this article when you’re paddle boarding. Don’t get discouraged if you do end up making a mistake; learn from it, get back on your board, and start paddling again!



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