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5 Exciting Outdoor Sports for the Summertime


Summer is the perfect time for many sports. No school, great weather and the best memories all can take place at one time. Matter of fact, we got five sports in mind for you to consider playing with your family and friends. So make sure you bring a towel and lots of water to stay hydrated.


  • What to wear: Basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and preferably tennis or basketball shoes.
  • Great to play with friends
  • Lots of games you can play such as teams (2v2, 3v3..), Knockout, Around the World, and H.O.R.S.E
  • Able to play on your own if you choose to. No harm in doing so
  • All you really need to bring with you is a ball and preferably lots of water or Gatorade.

Paddle Boarding

  • What to wear: board shorts and a lightweight t-shirt. Footwear should be sustainable in water
  • Great to do on your own, with a pet, or even other humans
  • Accessible on many bodies of water
  • Easy to learn and have fun doing
  • Tutorial here


  • What to wear: t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.
  • High intensity; really gets you pumped up
  • Great workout for the body
  • Competitive as heck when the games are tight
  • A good community of players

Beach Volleyball

  • What to wear: Bathing suit and/or a t-shirt.
  • Beachtime Hallelujah!!
  • Always a crowd to play with
  • Rules are easy to learn


  • What to wear: T-shirt and Shorts
  • Flag football, 2-hand touch, 1-hand touch, or tackle football are all great choices
  • Only need a football and a big field to run on. Many people play on the beach as well
  • A very popular choice, especially in the U.S
  • Fun and easy to learn and play

 Very Important Notice

All these sports are great. But it’s also important to not get hurt playing because you were simply unprepared. It is one thing to get hurt in the action, but it is a whole other story to have to leave prematurely because you are dehydrated or you get a mean sunburn.

You can not prevent things such as this 100% of the time. However, it is your responsibility to take precautions to fight against the sun as well as lack of fluids. Bring some sunscreen if your skin calls for it and bring water no matter what. Stretch as well. Before and after.

Sports and fun may as well be the same word at times. The opportunity arises for those who wish to take the chance to play as well as actively participate in many other aspects of the game(s). If you are unfamiliar with the sports scene, do not be shy to introduce yourself to the scene. You may meet some great people, unseen opportunities, and memories that may just stick around for a long time.