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Lucid Dreaming Through The Twin Bodies Technique


The dream world can be fascinating, where you get to visit unknown places and meet nameless individuals that you may or may not know. For some, dreams are a great way to enjoy and know more about their subconscious, but for some, it’s something they don’t even remember.

Interestingly, there are people that not only remember their dream but somehow control it as well. These are known as lucid dreamers, and such dreams are called lucid dreams.

What are Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreams are dreams in which individuals are aware that they are dreaming. Now it necessarily doesn’t mean they have full control or partial control but just the mere fact that they are aware of it.

Interesting sources like YoruX explain well how such dreaming works. The term lucid dreaming was coined back in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, though, it was never objectively proven that it existed until recently.

In research conducted a few years back, lucid dreams were objectively proven to exist by testing natural lucid dreamers. About twenty to about thirty percent of the entire population are natural lucid dreamers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be one.

Lucid dreaming and the Twin Bodies Technique

Before we proceed with the three steps of the twin bodies’ techniques of attempting to lucid dream we need to discuss sleep paralysis. So, If you are interested in lucid dreaming, read on.

Sleep Paralysis

You may be unfamiliar with the term but may have experienced this sensation. Try to recall, if you ever wake up in the middle of your sleep, and you can’t move. It seems as your body was weighed down, you knew you were awake, but you couldn’t move. That most probably was sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is when your mind is in a deep sleep, but you manage to wake up. What happens is that while sleeping, your brain blocks all sorts of messages to your body, so you don’t move in your sleep or hurt yourself. This state persists even after you wake up sometimes and causes sleep paralysis.

The question is how you can use sleep paralysis, apply the twin body techniques, and have an immersive dreaming experience? 

The Twin Bodies Technique

This technique involves a few steps which we will get into in a second and it means to imagine having two bodies: a physical body and a dream one. You have to combine your consciousness with the dream one to advance into the lucid dream. The following steps should help.

Step 1: Relaxing

The first step is to relax your body and mind completely. For that, you have to become well aware of the tension in separate parts of your body and then release it one by one starting from your face and head and slowly working your way down. You have to do this for all your limbs, too. Slowly up will experience the tenseness in your muscles slipping away. Afterward, you have to focus on your breathing. Breathing in and out deeply can make the journey in the dream world easier.

Step 2: Concentration

The next step is to focus on your physical being. Your body inhibits all the messages sent to it in an attempt to sleep. The deep sleep part is initiated after that. What you have to do is induce that on to yourself or be conscious when it happens.

You have to notice the tension passing from one point of your body to the next and observe some common sensation that starts with deep sleep. Ultimately they all lead to sleep paralysis. When that happens, it’s a sign that your body is locked in place; however, your mind is free and all set to wander beyond this realm.

Step 3: The Dream World

At this point, you have to recall the twin bodies concept. You have to imagine having two bodies, or replicas or as the name likes to call, twins: a real and physical self and a more ethereal and dreamy self. You have to allow your thoughts to transcend from the physical self to the dream one. That’s the point you will cross the barrier into the lucid dreaming world.

Wrapping it up

Lucid dreaming may be fascinating, but it is tricky to induce it when you are not a natural lucid dreamer. They are methods and techniques like the twin body technique, but they aren’t always perfect and may not work. But it doesn’t hurt to try. Follow the steps above and wander in a world like never before.