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iPhone 12 Finally Launched

After months of curiosities and speculations about what the new iPhone would bring, our agitations have finally been put to rest. On October 13 the debut of the latest iPhone was streaming on every Apple enthusiast’s device to get the first view of the phone and see what it’s all about.


The first and foremost game-changer of the iPhone 12 is the fact that it now officially caters to 5G. You know what this means, speed like no other and lagging is pretty much non-existent. Apple custom-designed custom antennas for maximum sensitivity to signals to make the 5G experiences incomparable.

Whether its streaming videos and movies, FaceTiming in HD through your cellular data or just simply browsing away, 5G on iPhone will truly change the smartphone dynamics and is a major level up from the previous iPhones. This addition right here is enough reason for you to make this switch, but we’re just getting started.

A14 Bionic

Two words, A14 Bionic. No idea what that is? Let me break it down for you. The A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in any smartphone and way ahead of its time. 5G and A14 Bionic together, now that’s a match made in heaven.

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The chip not only works highly efficiently and rapidly to demanding tasks but also drastically improves the battery life of the iPhone. The chip is said to perform up to 40% better than the A12.


When it comes to displays, Apple has consistently been unparalleled and this time around is no different. In the past, Apple has been fixated on LCDs and still managed to produce stunning displays. Now there is a gradual shift to OLED, which has made their screens unsurpassed by any other screen out there.

Apple claims that iPhone 12 with its super retina XDR display is the best display they have had yet, I for one, am absolutely thrilled and at the same time curious as to how it could possibly get any better than it already is. The iPhone 12 will have a much broader spectrum when it comes to color visibility and intensity along with a higher resolution in comparison to older iPhones.


If I had a dollar for every time I heard an Android user gush over iPhone camera quality, I’d be able to afford the new iPhone. The iPhone 12, just like the previous iPhone, has two cameras – wide and ultra-wide, but they just got a lot better.

The 12 Mega Pixels camera of the iPhone 12 has not only drastically further improved its camera quality but has also focused and took low lighting into consideration. By the addition of night mode, which activates automatically after sensing low light, in the iPhone 12, you will now be able to take stunning low light photos and videos like never before.

One of the best parts about recent iPhones is its Portrait mode, it produces a professional-quality photo from a simple tap on your phone, this feature only got better with the iPhone 12. There is also an addition of deep fusion, which captures textures and details like no other.

The Smart HDR 3 in the iPhone 12 is an excellent feature, which not only balances the captures but also enhances the details of them. The low light feature resonates with videos as well to drastically improve the video quality especially those made in darker settings.


The iPhone 12 is built to be a lot more water and shock resistance, so if by chance you accidentally drop your iPhone 12 or spill water on it, you don’t need to have a mini heart attack, chances are that your phone will most likely be just alright.

The iPhone 12 has rounded corners within a rectangle. It comes in 5 stunning colors, black, white, red, green, and blue with a ceramic shield front and a glass back with an overall aluminum structure. There is a smaller size (iPhone 12 mini) launched as well.

Other Tech Specs

There are three storage options available for the iPhone 64GB, 128GB and 256GB to choose from, and weighs 5.78 ounces. It caters to Face ID like with its other recent phones, which they constantly upgrade and make more rapid.

What’s in the Box

The box consists of the iPhone and a lightning cable. Apple, to meet their environmental goals, have decided to discontinue the addition of power adapter or headphones in the iPhone box. If you were planning on getting the iPhone 12 and the previous sentence has sent you in a complete panic, calm down here are the best iPhone 12 power adapter which is easily available.

They have also launched MagSafe, which are ecofriendly accessories, which cater to more convenient, and faster wireless charging to go along with the iPhone 12.

All pictures courtesy of Apple.com