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Horde vs. Alliance in WoW: What are The Differences?


To gamers around the world, World of Warcraft is full of surprises, and it keeps adding new elements. The Alliance and Horde we will talk about are the two categories that a player needs to choose while building his character.

These are two groups in which the players of WoW are divided. Hence you can either be part of Alliance or Horde. The players involved in the same category as you are your allies. There are different languages of these two communities; the communication that is meaningful to Alliance is gibberish to Horde.

Now, let’s look at the differences between these two groups to understand their characteristics. Also, you need to know that there are no privileges given to a group. The developers try hard to keep things equal for both categories, whether maps or game time.

The Horde

https://bnetcmsus-a.akamaihd.net/cms/blog_header/9e/9EQ12KHR96571644978805939.jpgHorde comes into the game with one single purpose, and that is to challenge and defeat Alliance. They have the only motive: survival while keeping the enemy at bay. Their survival in Azeroth comes from their knowledge of field and skills. They choose their leader based on the mastery of battle that one possesses.

Shamans are the noticeable characters in Horde, and they have lots of them. Since Shamans acquire their power from nature, they bond themselves with it frequently.

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Following are the races in Horde:

  • Orcs: Orcs are the shamanistic people who show their skills in the middle of the fight and bring more pets. They were brought through the dark portal to wage war on humans.
  • Undead: These are beings who have taken control of their own dead body. They find their place in Azeroth; they are the dark beings hated by humans and accepted by Horde.
  • Tauren: These are half cows and half-humans who protect Azeroth using the power of nature. They ensure that the land remains poison-free and use flora and fauna to strengthen themselves.
  • Troll: Troll lost some of their tribes, and they were asked to assist Horde if they wanted them back. They are the owners of Voodoo who protect their health during fights.
  • Blood Elves: These are from the Silvermoon City, which lost its land to a zombie army. But with the support of the Horde and their renewed powers, they get a chance to live.
  • Goblins: Goblins create powerful inventions; Bilgewater Harbor is their home city where they can be seen. Races tend to be strong to keep them safe against Goblins, or they all meet misfortune.

The Alliance

https://bnetcmsus-a.akamaihd.net/cms/content_entry_media/l1/L1FHQ2YC1UZL1644515321055.jpgAlliance, the rival gains its power from their bonds. Their King shares the same bloodline as them. They all live together and stay bonded with other races’ counselors. Thus, when one group comes under attack, everyone else comes together and destroys the enemy.

Following are the races in Alliance:

  • Humans: Stormwind is their home city, but they can be seen in any part of the planet. They undertake the creatures’ trust using their diplomacy.
  • Dwarves can convert themselves into a powerful wall and withstand any attack. Indeed, they are powerful warriors known for centuries for their brave hearts.
  • Night Elves: Darnassus is their city, and their dark skin helps them camouflage and live peacefully. However, they always teach a lesson to someone who crosses their path.
  • Gnomes: These are inventors that shape Azeroth. They have a tiny shape, and they use the same to the best of their advantage. They can remove traps easily and move anywhere freely. In addition, they know how to make powerful gadgets.
  • Draenei: These creatures make Azeroth a better place to live who came here from outer space.
  • Worgen: if you always dreamed of becoming a werewolf character, then this race is for you. Being a different race enables you to look half a human with beastly characteristics.