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Gen Z College Students are Hot Prospects for BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) (Video)


A recent study by College Finance shows that nearly 21% of college students or recent graduates in the US invested in digital assets. This study also showed 70% of them were using their savings to invest while 15% were using the federal stimulus money they received. This just shows that Generation Z is way ahead of the curve.

The Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is a cryptocurrency which was created in late 2018 and is considered to be a more technologically advanced constitution of the original Bitcoin protocol. The larger block sizes increase network transaction speeds and enable increased scalability which in turn reduces transaction fees. Because of this, more people are able to afford cryptocurrency, especially college and university students who are interested in making investments in digital assets.

Also staying ahead of the curve is a company called Mijem, founded by entrepreneur Phuong Dinh, who’s providing a platform for US and Canadian college students to buy and sell items online. Phuong spoke with Charles Miller on a recent episode of CoinGeek Conversations.

Mijem has launched this service to fill a gap in a highly underserved space. It’s sort of designed like eBay but with personal profiles so users can know who they are dealing with in their local college area. They can interact, buy, and sell personal items such as course books, electronics, and any number of other items. It’s free to join and the user can view others located only within their college community. This builds more of a trust within the user community.

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Probably the coolest feature is their plan to launch a digital asset loyalty rewards program within the app. This evolved partly due to the spike in digital asset awareness within the college student demographic. The user will earn point rewards for each transaction and these points can be redeemed for BSV. Mijem has partnered with Fabriik to offer a digital asset wallet to hold the BSV that the user earns. They are expecting to launch this feature in the fall of 2021.

“The thing we found that’s very interesting about this student college demographic, about a third of them have never owned a cryptocurrency but would like to own one. So, these are hot prospects for a digital currency”, said Phuong.

This is the first stepping-stone on the path of fully integrating BSV and the blockchain to provide Mijem users with the ability to use digital assets to send and receive payments within the app. Dinh chose the BSV blockchain because of its stability and scalability to grow, which pairs with his goal to launch his service globally, reaching thousands of colleges and universities.