Home News FBI Investigates Tunnel Leading To Bank In Pembroke Pines (Video)

FBI Investigates Tunnel Leading To Bank In Pembroke Pines (Video)

Original Hole Discovered by Public Works Crew (FBI)

The FBI is investigating the discovery of an underground tunnel, which appears to lead to a bank in Pembroke Pines. CBS 4 Miami Ted Scouten reports:

The FBI is seeking information about the attempted burglary of a Chase Bank branch at 390 S. Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida, after the discovery of a tunnel approaching the bank.

Original Hole with Bank, facing north (IFBI)

Last night about 9:30 pm, Pembroke Pines Public Works responded to a report of a hole in a roadway, possibly a sinkhole, near the Chase Bank branch at 390 S. Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Upon arrival, workers discovered a power cord inside the hole and determined that it was a tunnel.

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The Pembroke Pines Police (PPPD) were notified and responded. PPPD found the tunnel entrance inside a wood line south of the bank along with a generator, winch, wagon and other evidence located in or near the tunnel. The FBI responded to the scene this morning and determined the tunnel was approximately 2-4 feet in diameter and at least 50 yards long.

Tunnel entrance ((FBI)

A Sheriff’s Office K-9 cadaver dog entered the tunnel at several points, but did not alert.

The FBI is investigating this situation as an attempted bank burglary.

The bank was never breached and no money was taken.

Investigators have not determined when the tunnel was started or when it was last worked on.

Wagon in tunnel (FBI)

The attached pictures show different perspectives of the tunnel and some of the equipment.

Anyone who may have seen suspicious activity in this area, likely after dark, is urged to call the FBI at 754.703.2000.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department, the South Florida Violent Crimes Task Force and the FBI continue their investigation.

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