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Difference Between Mobile and Desktop Casinos


In the last few decades, the whole gambling industry has gone through many changes. Instead of classic land-based casinos, now we have online services to enjoy wherever we are. More and more thrilling games are released every day, and the community of players is growing too. There are two types of players today: those who stick to one betting spot and never change it, and those who are open to new opportunities. As there is a huge demand, developers introduce new casino online solutions to play via a phone or tablet.

Nowadays, the diversity of experience that gamblers can get expands even further. As the Internet becomes accessible for a greater number of people, so do the technologies used by platforms. Thus, mobile-friendly betting apps have entered the market. It is a new area, but almost every operator has either implemented it or is developing software to allow for playing mobile casino games with real money.

How to Play Casino Games on Mobile Devices

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/online-gambling-mobile_10453109.htmAccording to Kristi Dosh, a gambling industry specialist from Best Casinos Canada, there are two important points to be considered — the type of connection and the way in which services reach players. New mobile casinos have two different implementation approaches. Some sites have an app available for download, while other platforms deliver a web-optimized version of their service.

A mobile-optimized website allows a user to connect via a smartphone’s browser. In this case, the website works on an iOS or Android-based device the same way it would work on a PC or laptop. Usually, all the functions of the platform are maintained.

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However, some mobile-only services have individual applications available on different mobile platforms. These apps are developed by a casino and published on a digital distribution platform. After downloading and installing them, which usually takes less than 2 minutes, a player can enjoy a whole library of 100% mobile-optimized games.

Both the websites and apps are incredibly convenient while offering all the usual promotion features — lots of free spins and bonuses.

All legal platforms have shielded payment options, ensuring the security of deposits. Still, gamblers shouldn’t forget the main rules on how to play casino games safely.

Desktop Casinos Pros and Cons

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/playing-gambling-online-computer-laptop_3692949.htm#page=7&query=computer+gambling&position=22The first betting website was introduced to gamblers around the world more than 20 years ago, so there are hundreds of thousands of websites available on desktop computers and laptops. Still, this kind of gaming has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • The libraries of desktop websites offer twice as many activities as mobile casinos do.
  • The bigger screen of PCs and laptops makes the stylish and colorful games feel more enjoyable.
  • It is possible to play several games simultaneously.


  • Desktops lack mobility.
  • The UX design is rather outdated.
  • There are many illegal, low-quality, and fraudulent websites.
  • Only a tiny part of these gambling spots will offer a downloadable app to provide a better experience.

Mobile Casinos Pros and Cons

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/online-gambling-mobile_10453092.htm#page=1&query=online%20casino&position=1Today, it is a priority for most online casinos to provide convenient and high-quality mobile gambling. As there is a great opportunity to play mobile casino games on portables, it is important to point out activities to try in the first instance:

  • poker
  • blackjack and baccarat
  • slots
  • some new games released exclusively on mobile devices

Though mobile gambling seems to be better than the experience desktop sites provide, it still has both pros and cons.


  • Mobile-friendly casinos are very convenient to gamble wherever you are.
  • The quality of an average game is very high.
  • Betting apps are absolutely safe and secure.
  • There are way fewer number of scammy services on smartphones than on desktops.
  • Mobile casinos offer new genres of gambling games.


  • The choice of online betting houses is smaller.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t play several games at once.
  • There is a chance that the battery of a mobile device will die during the day.

It is really important to consider and understand all the advantages and disadvantages of different platforms, as the quality of time you will spend on them depends on it.


Today, gambling platforms have fewer boundaries than ever before. All its features are available in mobile-optimized apps. Gamers can easily make deposits and then claim free spins and bonuses while being able to play thousands of new games wherever they are.

Mobile games are easy to find, as there are many web resources that provide reviews of mobile casinos online slots, and online roulette — like bestcasinos-ca.com, a review and comparison service in Canada.