Clinton Homes In on Trump’s Debate Stumbles, Poll & Video

The debate saw both candidates attacking sharply. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO

The day after a rehearsed and prepared presidential candidate matched wits with a decidedly improvisational opponent during their first televised debate, Hillary Clinton claimed to have won the night, while Donald Trump insisted he was on a path to win the White House.

“One down. Two to go!” Clinton told a cheering audience in North Carolina on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Trump told supporters at a rally in Melbourne, Fla.: “Almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked Hillary Clinton — big league.”

As many have noted, the online polls Trump cited are unscientific.

The Trump campaign later issued a news release touting the candidate’s haul of post-debate donations. “As a result of Donald Trump’s huge debate win last night, we had a massive fundraising day bringing in more than $18 million. ”

But Clinton, speaking to a community college crowd in Raleigh, described Monday’s 98-minute debate with an air of triumph. Her opponent’s statements, she said, chuckling, created “a lot of work for fact-checkers.”

Whether it was Clinton or Trump who sailed out of the debate as measured by polls and surveys in key swing states won’t be known for the better part of a week. It is possible that both candidates pleased their admirers without moving the needle very much among voters who are undecided, say they are unlikely to vote, or are contemplating a third party alternative.

But just as she intensively prepared for her face-off against Trump at Hofstra University, Clinton and her campaign followed a discernible strategy Tuesday: They endeavored to transform any new enthusiasm into voter registration and early voting, which has begun in some states. And they are eager to keep Trump on defense.

By  Alexis Simendinger & Rebecca Berg, RealClearPolitics, excerpt posted on Sept. 28, 2016 

Ian Bremmer, president and founder at Eurasia Group, recaps the first U.S. presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Wednesday, September 28
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General Election: Trump vs. Clinton LA Times/USC Tracking Clinton 43, Trump 47 Trump +4

Florida Polling Data

Poll Date Sample MoE
Clinton (D)
Trump (R)
Johnson (L)
Stein (G)
RCP Average 9/7 – 9/21 43.8 43.3 6.0 1.3 Clinton +0.5
Suffolk 9/19 – 9/21 500 LV 4.4 44 45 3 1 Trump +1
Monmouth 9/16 – 9/19 400 LV 4.9 46 41 6 1 Clinton +5
NY Times/Siena 9/10 – 9/14 867 LV 3.3 41 40 9 2 Clinton +1
CNN/ORC 9/7 – 9/12 788 LV 3.5 44 47 6 1 Trump +3