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Bharat Bhise – Doing Your Bit For Climate Change

Climate change is a hot topic right now, no pun intended, and it is one of the biggest concerns which many of us should have. My friend Bharat Bhise has been doing some great work on this for many years and he has really helped me to open my eyes in terms of the dangers which climate change poses to us all, now and in the future.

It can be difficult to understand what we can do about climate change as individuals, and again Bharat has helped me when it comes to educating me on how to live a greener lifestyle. If you want to do your bit for climate change then here is how you can help, even in a small way.

Using Less Plastic

The issue with plastic is that not enough of it gets recycled. I have found this to be one of the easiest changes to my life and we can all reduce how much plastic we are using. Instead of buying plastic drinks bottles look to use re-usable bottles, take your own bags to the store instead of using plastic bags, avoid buying food and snacks in single-use plastic. Most importantly, ensure that you are taking your plastic waste to a place where it can be recycled. You should also look to do this with glass, cardboard, food waste and old gadgets.


The number of cars and vehicles on our roads are also having a negative impact on the environment. With some careful planning, you can reduce the impact which you are making. Car pooling is a great idea. But more importantly, you should look to cycle and walk whenever you can. If we can reduce how much we are using vehicles on the road then little by little we can greatly reduce our individual carbon footprint.

Energy Usage

Using less energy can help you twofold, firstly you can save yourself money on the energy which you are using and secondly you can help to reduce our negative impact on the environment. Switching the heating off in favor of more layers, using less air conditioning, and reducing the amount of electricity we are using can all be of great help to your pocket and to the planet.


We can make individual changes to our lives in order to reduce the effects of climate change. Much of the work needs to be done at a higher level with businesses and governments. This is why we must ensure that we are doing what we can when it comes to voting for candidates who are dedicated to making changes.

Boris Dzhingarov

Author – Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with major Marketing. He is the founder of ESBO ltd leading online marketing agency .