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Benefits of A Fiber Optic Internet

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There are good reasons why fiber optic internet, a newer technology than broadband Internet is so popular today.


One of the benefits of Fiber-optic Internet is that it is many times faster than broadband cables and even that of copper Internet connections.  You can save precious time when downloading and uploading large files as the Internet speed ranges from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

With unlimited data, you can surf the internet as long as you want since there is no limitation on the use of the Internet. If want super-fast internet surfing then you should go for fiber optic Internet that runs at the speed of light.

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For business communication and productivity, reliability is a necessity. Unlike copper Internet or coaxial cables that carry DSL and prone to downtime, fiber Internet optic cables are built to last longer than the rest.

As a matter of fact, some fiber optic cable connections have been in use for more than thirty years. What is more, they provide consistent and complete coverage as the fiber optic Internet is not affected by inclement weather conditions, which can damage or obstruct data transmission via copper cabling.

Notably, fiber cables are resistant to human or electrical interference, unless they are physically cut.

Secure Networks

In terms of security, Fiber optic Internet is the most secured network as its cables are hack-proof. In other words, hackers and information thieves can’t gain access as fiber connectivity is made out of glass, and the only way to compromise the system is to break it.

Still, if fiber-optic cables are cut physically, this will cause the system to go down and in turn alert you that you have been hacked. Fiber-optic Internet is one secure way to protect your company’s information from being online threats like viruses, malware, and malicious contents.

Improved Cloud Experience

Your business can benefit from the speed and bandwidth capabilities of fiber optic Internet as this would result in faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud. So, whether you are supporting multiple team members with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, or hosting, storing data or connecting to the cloud services like OneDrive,  Box, or Google Drive, fiber Internet Montreal allows high-speed access.


While fiber cable installation is more complex than other networks, it is not that expensive. The cost of installation has decreased significantly due to its global large scale production. Similar to other technologies, the average cost of fiber optic internet reduces over time as the technology matures.

Being one of the most reliable networks, fiber has low maintenance cost and less networking hardware. Thus, fiber optic internet service is cost-effective in the long-term.

High Bandwidth

Are you experiencing slow speeds, delays in downloading or uploading, and pixelated video quality? You don’t have to suffer these anymore. With fiber-optic Internet, you can get better Internet speed and performance. Speed does not decrease as the bandwidth is sufficient to power up different portable devices. For business operations, symmetrical bandwidth allows for heavy demands on simultaneous downloads and uploads via a data connection with longer transmission distances and high signal rates.


Unlike copper cable Internet, that is sensitive to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, fiber Internet connectivity is the best choice for businesses that create or are closer to high-frequency noises. Fiber optic signals are not in any way affected by this type of interference.


This is another key benefit of using a fiber-optic network. With lower latency, users can download, upload and do other high-demand content over your network at the speed of light.