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Bad News For Mobile Gaming As Casinos Start To Reopen

As lockdown measures were put in place in many countries across the world, many businesses fell into a time of struggle including brick and mortar casinos and betting locations – this paved the way for the huge surge in popularity in their mobile alternatives which were able to perform extremely well as many were stuck at home.

It hasn’t all been good news for mobile gaming during this period as a whole, however, as measures had been put in place to reduce some access – a number of these online casinos had been performing extremely well in some areas – online slots found a surge in growth, non gamstop bingo is popular, and even betting as esports events were still held found its corner, but because of the risk in addiction steps were taken to prevent this from being uncontrolled – some countries such as Latvia and Portugal put big restrictions on mobile casinos and betting sites in some instances issuing a complete ban, other countries such as Sweden would add deposit restrictions with weekly maximums, and then others such as the UK issuing bans on mobile casino advertising to reduce exposure to an increasing audience. Despite these measures taken, some operators are reporting upwards of a 15% growth in some of their online gaming services, but this may start to slow in the coming weeks.

Some states across the US have already begun to open their casino doors again despite the present coronavirus situation within the country, but bigger gambling hubs such as Las Vegas have been reporting some good news for punters as cases within Nevada are beginning to decrease leading to an easing of lockdown measures – began reopening  June 4th with some restriction – slot machines will be in use and blackjack tables will be available for play once again, but poker rooms will remain closed for the time being. Changes can happen here very quickly – but if all goes a small shift could start where players move away from mobile gaming and head back to more traditional methods of gambling.

With that being said, the shift may not be as quick, nor as permanent as many who operate the brick and mortar locations would hope – mobile gaming is very much on the rise as a whole, the audience has changed and those who would be the typical demographic to visit physical casinos are now more likely to be mobile gamers – the convenience, ease of access, and many benefits that come with mobile gambling may be significant enough to have done more permanent damage to the traditional gambling and betting industry, but until a few months pass and the change can be directly monitored and measured that is all still mostly guesswork – it is made worse for brick and mortar locations however that recovery will be extremely slow in some instances as social distancing remains a normal practice for many.