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A Look At Fun Activities While On Vacation


If you’re lucky enough to get a vacation this year you will want to get the most out of it. But if you’re thinking of spending time at the beach there are loads of alternative things you can do, and it’s not just swimming and sunbathing, here are some of the most fun things that you can do a while on vacation. 

Look for Dolphins 

Nearly every seaside town will have a selection of boat tours to see whales and dolphins, lucky for you Florida has a wealth of sea life just waiting for you to discover.

With a pair of binoculars, you can see dolphins from the shoreline, and they are big showoffs after all. With a little research to see if your beaches apply and also check out the best times to visit, you can see these cheeky mammals for yourself. Just don’t forget your camera!

Go For a Hike 

Coastal paths are stunning at this time of the year, and many beaches offer nearby trails where you can hike around the shoreline.

You’ll get great exercise, and a dip in the water after the hike is very rewarding. Plus you work up an appetite after all that hiking.  But the best thing is you get to look at some beautiful views while being surrounded by nature. It’s a win, win situation.

Enjoy a Picnic

There are always a lot of local food outlets near famous beaches, ice cream, and seafood – but not together we hope. When it’s hot, you will want something simple, so now is the time to check out the local cuisine.

 Deep-Sea Fishing 

In many seaside towns, there are options if you want to fish. Tackle shops are everywhere. Ask the locals for the best spots and the best fishermen to take you out fishing. Local knowledge is key.

Alternatively, you can go crabbing off the pier; this is great with children or grandchildren, hours of fun with a line and a bucket. If at all possible, put the crabs back after you’ve caught them, although the tiny ones do make a tasty treat.

Go Surfing

Suppose your fit and healthy surfing is a great sport. Put on your wetsuit and get out on the water and have an adventure. It’s probably best to take a surf lesson first after all this is not a natural pursuit unless you’re a fish.

Watching others surf is also great, or you could also try other kinds of water sport, such as kayaking, waterskiing, kitesurfing or jet-ski racing, although I would just sit back and watch if I were you as it sounds exhausting.

If all that sounds too much, why not try looking for shells.

Collect Seashells

Check first because in some countries collecting shells is illegal, the large conch shells in the West Indies are protected but collecting shells in Europe is okay and free to do.

Bore your relatives senseless with your shell art but remember to wash the shells with beach first as they hold living organisms once and when they die they smell like rotten fish. Collecting shells is a great thing to do with young children. They love it, and it costs nothing except time and bleach.

Or just relax, it’s okay to do nothing much!



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