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5 Things to Do In South Florida In 2021

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South Florida is a dreamy region of the United States that is a bucket-list destination for many visitors. Not only do tourists enjoy all the state has to offer, but locals are also grateful to have many amazing experiences at their fingertips.

From swampy parks to white sand beaches, the southernmost part of Florida has many destinations that are waiting to be explored.

When you visit South Florida, you have the potential to see many different things. Due to the warmer climate, many luscious and tropical plants are able to thrive. The beaches on the coastline have crystal waters and white sand. With these conditions, everyone can find a spot that they enjoy. Take the opportunity to add this region to your 2021 bucket-list.

1. Explore the Everglades

Everglades National Park is one of the most unique destinations in the country. This area is a subtropical wilderness with many camping sites, road trips, and walking trails that allow you to get a deeper glimpse into this terrain.

2. Take a Cruise From Miami

Every year, thousands of people cruise out of Miami. Many times, these cruise ships visit the Bahamas, Mexico, and other tropical islands. Since the city of Miami is so popular, take the time to stay in the city before or after your departure. If you are looking for a place to stay that is in close proximity to the port and the city, browse the options at https://www.allcruisehotels.com/.

3. Snorkel Through the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a set of small, remote islands located off the southernmost part of the state. These islands are known for being a paradise for nature-lovers. There are many state parks that allow travelers to snorkel through the nearby coral reefs to see the most beautiful marine creatures. While you are down south, make a stop by Dry Tortugas National Park.

4. Stroll Through West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is an upscale town north of  Fort Lauderdale. This city has divine restaurants, stunning beaches, and walkable downtown. Many celebrities and well-known figures have been spotted in this city. Take the opportunity to stroll through the downtown area and visit the beaches.

Typically, the beaches are not too crowded, making it the perfect place to spend the day. Whether you like to run, walk, lay, or play, these beaches have a wide array of activities available. Check out Palm Beach, Phipps Ocean Park, or Delray Beach.

5. Wander In Naples

Naples is a well-known city in Southern Florida. Many people miss out on the amazing botanical gardens that are located in this city. Because of the climate, this garden grows exquisite tropical vegetation. With over 170 acres of property, you can get lost in the lush greenery that is present across the park. After the garden, check out the Naples Museum of Art and the Zoo.


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