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13 Healthy And Cheap Snacks To Take When You Are On The Go

You’re on the go, and you only have time to eat or drink something quickly. That doesn’t mean you want some greasy burger or some other type of junk food. You want to avoid the highly caffeinated or sugary beverages and focus on getting nutrients and wholesome food.

Is that even possible? The great news is you can get healthy snacks. And these snacks will not have to cost you a fortune. Some of them you will need to make in advance, but you can store them relatively easy to take them on the go as you need to. They’ll be worth making, as they’ll be suitable for everyone in the family.

Here’s a look at 13 perfect snacks you need to have that are healthy, cheap, and easily portable.

Start with the Easy Bananas

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Let’s stock up on one of the easiest snacks to get your hands on right now: bananas.

You can usually pick them up for a couple of dollars, depending on size and weight, and you’ll get a bunch that will last you a week or so.  There are just so many ways that you can enjoy this nutritious snack.

Firstly, one banana has just 105 calories. While this can sound like a lot for a piece of fruit, it’s worth noting that there are many nutrients that you get with the 105 calories. The number of calories is also far less than your traditional snacks of crisps and chocolate, making it an excellent choice.

Bananas are known for their high potassium count. Potassium is needed to help the body convert calories to energy. You’ll boost your metabolic rate, helping you to burn a few more calories in the day. Eating a banana before your workout will also help to fuel your body throughout while reducing the risk of lactic acid building up (causing cramps in the muscles).

Bananas are also excellent for the probiotics. They will help to keep the level of good bacteria in the gut up, which in turn keeps the level of bad bacteria down.

The fiber count also cannot be overlooked. Bananas have three grams of fiber, helping to balance out the natural sugars, like the intestines, and keep the digestive system working effectively.

Of course, bananas are easily portable. They’re covered in a skin that you just peel when you want to eat your snack.

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