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Why Florida Is Important To The Presidential Candidates


Florida is so attractive because of its location, as it’s positioned in the southeastern region of the country, close to the Latin American countries, as well as the other states of America.

The state is famous for its sports culture, cuisine, affordable living conditions, its beautiful nature, fantastic beaches, warm climate, etc. But this is not all and while the majority of US states obliges its citizens to pay state income taxes, many people consider moving to Florida as there are no state income tax.

Why is Florida attractive for the Presidential candidates?

Recent surveys show that Florida has become a more important place for the presidential election candidates than you can imagine. In fact, according to the New York Times, Florida is most likely to be the tipping point for the elections.

Florida is the most diverse state after California as the USNews reports. Its diversity is without a doubt one of the reasons why Florida is this kind of interesting place to live. There you can find people of every age, every religion, every race, and background imaginable. Because of its coastal location, Florida is an important place for a large Latino population.

Besides, Florida is among the states which have the largest state economy in the country. Florida is the 4th largest state in terms of GDP, following California, Texas, and New York. It has a state GDP of $883 billion which makes 4.9% of the US economy. The main thing about this state is the infrastructure and the business opportunities it has currently. It’s a perfect spot to start your own business because it affords an affordable cost of living, a favorable tax climate, and a strong labor market.

It ranks 19th among the states for its unemployment rate which means that you can easily find employees to join your business. Also, it’s an excellent place to find startup capital for your business, and as it’s on the fifth place for venture capital funding.

Furthermore, Florida is one of the most finance-heavy states in the country which means there are a bunch of financial companies in the state. The cultural diversity is the main reason why reliable forex companies frequently invest in Florida, as there is a higher chance for success.

It is the primary destination of people living on the East Coast if they want to go on a vacation.  Particularly, Florida has one of the largest numbers of electoral votes with a population of 21 million, and also, it has the lowest average margin of victory.

Elections in Florida

How much surprising it may seem, the candidate who wins in Florida also wins the presidency. It has happened in every single election since 1964 with just only one exception. This makes Florida one of the most important US swing states over the last decades.

After the Civil War, Florida voted almost exclusively Democratic. Now the number of its electoral votes has risen and after this year’s presidential elections, the state is going to have 31 electoral votes. Nowadays, Florida has become much more diverse and it’s hard to guess which will be their preferred candidate, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, as there are many different demographics. They have millions of Hispanic voters, like Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, and many more. They make about ¼ of the state’s population. Besides, some Black voters make up about 17% of the whole population and they tend to be Democratic. Senior citizens are also a very important part of the voters which mainly support Trump and they make up to 20%. And millennials and other younger voters tend to be liberals and most of them support neither democrats nor republicans.

Apart from this, there are so many different religions in Florida. Their political views differ according to their religion. Also, as we can see from the recent surveys, political ideologies in North, Central, and South Florida are quite different. All these things make it harder to expect which presidential candidate will gain more votes and newly introduced mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus makes it even more difficult to make a prediction.

By this time, election polls show that Biden is slightly leading over Trump in Florida, but the difference isn’t quite big and the situation may change at any minute. This is why gaining voters in Florida has become more important for presidential candidates than anyone would ever imagine.


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