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When Do You Need A Lawyer And How To Find One


At the mention of “I need a lawyer”, one of the most frequent questions that follow is “what did you do.” Most people think you only need a lawyer when you offend the law or seek justice. However, there are several moments you may need a lawyer for either advisory or guidance purposes. For example, when signing a contract, you may need a legal representative to explain complex clauses, terms and conditions, and consequences of contract abrogation.

With that being said, it is obvious that the majority of people seek legal help when fighting or defending a case. Many others don’t even know when they need to hire a lawyer due to ignorance of the process. Sometimes, financial situations may also be a disincentive for many people who even know they need a lawyer to be able to win their case. Hiring an attorney is sometimes not negotiable if you truly want to win a case or get a better judgment.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Ideally, you need a lawyer when dealing with any legal issues, because most cases require such professional representatives. If you are involved in a crime, wrongfully accused, suffered a workplace injury, wrongfully fired from work, signing a contract, starting a business or your rights are being abused, etc. you need a lawyer.

A lawyer does not only represent you in court but also renders before-court services like advisory and guidance. Before filing your case, a lawyer analyzes its merit in the face of the law and advice you accordingly. You get to know whether you have a good or bad case, the available settlement option, court processes, and possible outcomes. In addition, a cost-benefit analysis is also done to determine whether the legal cost won’t surpass the compensation.

If you are the defendant, hiring a lawyer gives you a better option in defending your case. A good and dedicated lawyer can actually influence the outcome of a court proceeding. He/she can help to reduce the severity of your sentence through several plea strategies.

When You Need a Lawyer

No matter how major or minor a case is, hiring an attorney gives you a better representation in court. For example, a probate proceeding may not be a very difficult process. However, if a person dies without a Will or interested parties contest the authenticity of the Will, the process may be a long legal battle.

According to Florida Probate Law Firm PLLC, a group of Fort Lauderdale probate lawyers, if there is no Last Will & Testament for the decedent, any probate assets will be distributed according to the Florida intestacy statute, which provides a default distribution scheme for assets based on familial relationships. That notwithstanding, you can still contest the Will by asking a court to revoke it or deem it invalid if you have issues. To be successful in such a pursuit, you need a competent lawyer to represent your interest.

For cases like personal injuries including a workplace accident, consulting an attorney is critical to receive a befitting compensation. Some employers are taking advantage of employees by shortchanging their interests and not providing worker’s compensation benefits after an accident. As such, more victims are forced to fend for themselves and live a destitute life afterward. You wouldn’t suffer such a fate if you hire a lawyer to pursue your case. After a workplace or vehicular accident, speak to a legal professional to work on your insurance claims or compensation.

You may be thinking about what to do after a probation violation. Well, your first action is to exercise your right to remain silent and contact your attorney. In your tax-related issues, divorce, business transactions, violations, and property transfers among others, you need a lawyer to help you with the process.

How to Find a Lawyer

As you’ve now decided to hire a lawyer for your case, finding the right one can be a challenge. This is because you just don’t need any lawyer, but someone reliable, dedicated, and experienced. This of cause comes at a cost; nonetheless, you shouldn’t allow the cost factor to deny you justice.

It is extremely important to work with a lawyer you can trust and feel comfortable with, as you need to tell him/her the entire truth and facts about your case. You should look out for expertise, experience, and specialty. There are specialized lawyers for all types of cases, so you should hire someone who is well vexed in your case. In addition, you must consider the proximity, convenience, and dedication of the said lawyer.

You can find a lawyer through recommendations from family and friends, or business partners. You can also run an online search, read reviews, and visit, or check through directories in your locality. You can also do personal visits to law firms around you for inquiries.


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