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What’s Next for Apple Tech in 2019? (Video)

Apple recently released its new iPhone X, XS, and the XR. This was a big deal for consumers in 2018, and many traded in their old versions for the updated ones. Apple is not done yet, however. Since consumers cannot get enough of Apple products, rumors of the new iPhones coming out in 2019 already have surfaced.

The New Name

From the First-Generation iPhone to the newest iPhone XS, Apple has seemed to follow a general 1, 2, 3, naming system. So, consumers can safely assume that the coming iPhones will follow this same numerical naming.

Apple is notorious for safeguarding any new product names. They don’t like to release a name until they announce the product. In fact, they often work under codenames to prevent people from knowing what they are releasing. There is a strong chance the new phone for 2019 could be called the iPhone XI and XI Max. Until they are released, however, it is not likely that we will know the exact names.

New vs Old 

From the beginning of the iPhone, it has continuously gotten bigger. The size difference between the first iPhone and the most recent iPhone XS Max is actually interesting. How anyone got anything done on the original 3.5-inch screen is impressive in itself. With the continuous growth of the iPhone, the screen has also gotten wider.

The growth of the iPhone’s screen has been something that has advanced throughout each new release. The newest iPhone has a 6.5-inch screen. And the next generation? It is rumored to be even bigger. So, if you are looking for a bigger screen to binge watch Netflix, the 2019 iPhone could be a game-changer.

Major Changes 

It has been rumored that Apple will completely switch over to OLED displays. This will cause these 2019 iPhones to be more expensive. However, Apple usually tries to sell a more economical version of their phones, like the iPhone 5C. As such, it is possible that they will not completely do away with the normal and cheaper LED displays.

Another change is the triple lens rear-facing camera. It’s something that they are rumored to be working on. This will allow for an improved camera quality and overall better picture-taking experience. 

Face ID 

Apple is likely planning to change its front-facing camera to introduce Facial Recognition and Face ID on its 2019 iPhones.

This is an ability that a lot of other phone companies have been working with that Apple is sure to monopolize on soon. This technology will allow you to unlock your phone by simply looking at it. It promises to add to the ease of accessing your phone. In favor of the Face ID, they are talking about doing away with the fingerprint ID.

When You Can Buy it 

It’s likely that Apple will continue its trend of releasing the new products on a standard yearly upgrade cycle. They do this to better sell their products to those who want a new phone every year. If this continues, the next phone will be released sometime in September 2019.

Apple Pencil 

Like many other smartphone producers, Apple is considering a stylus-type product for their newest models. These “Apple-Pencils” will likely be helpful with the ever-growing screen on the new models of iPhones.

How to Accessorize

With all these updated versions, it can be difficult to want to spend a lot of money on a phone case. After all, there is the likelihood your current case is not going to fit the next version that Apple creates. Luckily, you can find numerous stylish and affordable cases for even the newest iPhones, such as on Casely.com. That way, you can continue to both upgrade your cases to fit the changing phones without worrying that your new tech will be left vulnerable.

As 2019 quickly approaches, stay tuned for more updates on the newest tech, Apple releases, and more!

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