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What You Need in Your Knitting Supplies Kit


Knitting’s been getting a lot of renewed interest and attention, especially nowadays when indoor activities are a lot more convenient for everyone. If you’ve been thinking of hopping aboard the bandwagon, but are not quite sure where to start, we recommend you start with your supplies.

After all, you cannot do any knitting work without the proper tools. And even though you may just be starting, it’s never too early for you to start investing in the right tools. Knitting projects can take time, so of course, you would want to come up with great output, which the right tools can help you achieve.

Knitting Needles

These are very important to the project. Take note, though, that not all knitting needles are created equal. There are, actually, three different types, and it’s highly recommended that you get them all.

The different types of needles are straight, circular, and double-point. How and when you use them depends also on the yarn that you use, and the style you’re implementing, so pay attention to these details.

Straight needles are best used for rectangular pieces, such as scarves, while circular needles are great for bigger projects like blankets and sweaters. Meanwhile, double-point needles are just right for smaller projects like mittens.


Of course, there won’t be any knitting is done without the main material, the yarn. Available in different colors, weight, fibers, thickness, etcetera–go ahead, have a go at it! The yarn shop is your playground, and the possibilities are endless! Whether it’s wool, such as Briggs Little 2-ply yarn, or fleece, cotton, or even silk, it’s all available for you to explore and enjoy.

The good thing about yarn is that you don’t have to waste anything, even if you make a mistake because you can simply unspool and redo the part with the correction. So unless you cut it off completely, you don’t have to deal with too much product waste, which is also good, because then it also means it’s more sustainable compared to other endeavors.

Stitch Holders

Some consider this as add-ons, but, if you think about it, this is a crucial part of the project, especially if you’re working on a big piece. Stitch holders are essentially tools that hold your stitches in place while you take a break from them.

Especially since you’re only beginning, you’re not expected to complete a project immediately, and in one sitting. Even so, taking breaks is inevitable (and highly recommended!), so you would need something that can help protect your progress. That’s what stitch holders are for.

Other must-haves in your starter kit for knitting include scissors, measuring tape, crochet hook, row counter, and stitch markers among others. Don’t forget your patterns too, and you’re on your way to creating great, fun pieces.