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What Equipment Do You Need To Go Scuba Diving?


Scuba diving is a fun activity that lets you explore a fascinating area of nature, either with friends and family or alone with your thoughts. While diving is a great time, don’t forget about the equipment you need to go scuba diving. Follow this helpful checklist to make sure you’re ready to head under the sea.

Protective Mask

You don’t want to try diving with your eyes closed, so you should have a mask that safely covers your eyes and nose while diving. These masks are adjustable, so before you dive, we suggest checking that the mask is tight enough on your face to prevent water from getting in.

Diving Suit

Wearing a diving suit helps regulate your body temperature and makes it easier for your body to move through the water without any drag. Choose a suit that fits and is thick enough to protect you from the temperature of the water you plan to dive in. Also, read up on how to take care of and fix your suit, such as fixing your suit’s zipper, so you’re completely prepared for any mishaps.

Swimming Fins

Fins are beneficial equipment that you need to go scuba diving because they provide mobility to divers. Fins allow swimmers to move quickly through the water and alleviate the difficulty of swimming movements.

Tanks and Regulators

Without a solid air tank and a working regulator, you won’t get very far under the water. Unless you’re a professional free diver, you need an oxygen tank. You also need a regulator, which controls the flow of oxygen from the tank to your mouth, allowing you to breathe comfortably. Always ensure your tank is full and your regulator works properly before diving.

Additional Gear

You may need to bring some additional equipment depending on when and where you’re diving. Diving lights are beneficial if you’re exploring at night or inside caves. You also may want to bring a speargun if you plan on spearfishing during your dive. It may also be beneficial to bring an underwater camera if you want to capture any photos or videos while you’re down there.