Watch The Full Police Video Of Tiger Woods DUI Arrest

woods dui
Tiger Woods taken into custody (Jupiter PD)

JUPITER — The already-infamous DUI stop that resulted in the arrest of Tiger Woods early Monday morning is now garnering additional scrutiny thanks to the recent release of video of the incident from Jupiter police.

Woods, who was discovered by officers sleeping at the wheel of his Mercedes Benz with the engine, brake lights and flashers on, is shown swaying, rolling his eyes and struggling to stay conscious as the cops run him through field sobriety tests in the video.

The video clocks in at more than 90 minutes of footage, the highlights of which feature Woods slurring his words and failing to perform even the simple task of walking a straight line for the officers.

Tiger’s wheel isn’t looking so good (via Jupiter PD)

The Jupiter PD have also released pictures of the 41-year-old golfer’s damaged car, made particularly painful due by the fact that it boasts a sticker price of over $200,000.

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[Following are TWO police dash cam videos, each video is 90 minutes in length. The first video has officers arriving and then questioning Woods and then exiting from his car. The second video, shows Woods taking the roadside sobriety test.]


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