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WARNING! Google Doc Phishing Scam Spreading Right Now! Even Tech Pros Falling Victim

Phishing Email

There have been quite a few scary Google account phishing scams lately. One looked so authentic that even tech-savvy users are falling for it.

It looks like cybercriminals are getting more and more elaborate and sophisticated with their tactics and we shouldn’t let our guard down at any time.

Take this fresh campaign discovered today, for example, it has the potential to be a widespread menace!

Google Docs Phishing Campaign

Another major phishing scam in Google Docs is currently making its rounds and is spreading fast. The scary part is that it can appear to be coming from someone you know.

Eagle-eyed Twitter and Reddit users spotted the spam messages and they appear to have originated from an email address curiously named “hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh@mailinator.com.”


The dubious email reportedly gets sent to your inbox claiming that someone has sent a Google Doc to you, including people you may know. If you are not expecting any Google Docs from anyone, please don’t click the “Open in Docs” within the email!

At South Florida Reporter we received two such emails. Here’s what they looked like:









Kim Komando, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, May 4, 2017 


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