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Verma Farms’ CBD Gummies Are Changing The Game

Verma Farms may be a recent addition to the CBD gummies market, but they are defining the way that quality CBD products are made. Their exemplary process ensures the most dependable, reputable product you can find, and their sustainable farming and manufacturing practices are easy on the earth.

Verma Farms are involved in every part of the process, from seed to production. And they take meticulous care to guarantee that every CBD product in their diverse line is made with the highest standards in the industry.

The benefits of taking CBD gummies are wide-reaching. They help you get a better night’s rest, and they reduce pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety. CBD has been used to treat certain kinds of epilepsy, and it helps increase the appetite of people who are on chemotherapy.

CBD has antiseptic properties and inhibits the growth of abnormal cells. Some people even treat their chronic acne or eczema with it. It is clear that the benefits of taking CBD gummies are no secret anymore. In order to fully reap the rewards of a regular CBD gummy regimen, however, you have to find the right products.

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Even with all the hype about CBD gummies in the news, finding the right gummies is still a mystery. Though CBD gummies have been around for a while, the market is rapidly expanding due to the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. This made industrial hemp federally legal to farm and process into hemp products. Since then, CBD has become more popular than ever, with new products being developed on a consistent basis. Endless varieties of CBD gummies have been released, in every flavor imaginable, and with a variety of doses, additives, and extra extracts.

The FDA is still getting its regulating practices ironed out for hemp and hemp products, so the rules are fuzzy. Because of this, some CBD companies are inconsistent in their methods. They may use CBD made from hemp harvested under questionable conditions, and the packaging for their CBD gummies may show inaccurate levels of cannabinoid concentration and purity.

As a matter of fact, in 2017, some 70 percent of CBD products sold online were inaccurately labeled or completely false.

Verma Farms Has the Right Stuff

Verma Farms is leading the way in making CBD gummies that you can trust. They care about your health and the health of the earth, and it shows. Their sustainable practices begin with the seed and are carried out through the entire process.

Planting the Seed

When Verma Farms selects their seeds, they take care to ensure that they are free of GMOs. They also verify that the seeds have been organically grown and harvested. This means that hemp plants used to make their CBD are pure from the start.

Organic, Sustainable Farming

Organic, sustainable farming is so important because this prevents harmful pesticides and fertilizers from getting into your body, into the local water supply, and into the surrounding soil.  When pesticides and fertilizers are used in farming, the whole community—and ultimately you, the consumer—gets exposed to these dangerous chemicals.

Verma Farms uses sustainable farming practices, and their hemp is grown with no pesticides or fertilizers. The Hawaiian island where the hemp is grown is rich in nutrients, and the air is free of man-made pollution. The hemp Verma Farms uses to make their CBD products is the highest-quality, certified organic hemp available. Their focus on sustainability safeguards you and the environment, from the toxic substances commonly found on other hemp brands.

Precise Distillation

Hemp is wildly variant in the concentration of cannabinoids found in the plant. That’s why the process of distilling the CBD used to make gummies is crucial to the resulting purity and potency. Some brands use processes that require a higher temperature, which alters the integrity of the CBD oil. These processes also require solvents that ultimately can remain in the final product.

Verma Farms uses a special CO2 extraction process that uses no solvents and can be done at a lower temperature. This way, you are getting pure CBD with no additional ingredients. The CO2 extraction process uses less energy than other methods, so it is gentler on the environment as well.

Third-Party Verification

The final step in quality assurance is sending each batch to be tested by a third-party lab. A third party lab has no investment in the outcome of the results, and so there is no reason for them to lie about purity or potency. The third-party lab verifies that what is on the label for your CBD gummies is accurate and thorough.

Verma Farms not only has each of its products tested by a third-party lab, but they also make the results available to the public.

Taking CBD gummies means you are looking for an all-natural way to make a positive change in your health.