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USA V. Live Nation-Ticketmaster: All The News On The Lawsuit That Could Take Down A Giant (Video)

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By Emma Roth

Ticketmaster parent company Live Nation is facing an antitrust lawsuit from the US Department of Justice and 30 state and district attorneys general accusing the company of having a monopoly in the live ticketing industry.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster had been under regulatory scrutiny when the two companies merged in 2010, but criticisms of the company reached a breaking point when Ticketmaster crashed under the weight of millions of Taylor Swift fans trying to buy tickets for the Eras Tour in 2022. The incident set off a monthslong investigation and a bill that would force ticket sellers to show total prices upfront.

This video by The Verge is an in-depth look at the Antitrust laws

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“It is time to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster,” said US Attorney General Merrick Garland, in a statement announcing the DOJ antitrust lawsuit.

Read on for more updates about the US government’s antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation-Ticketmaster. This includes the DOJ news conference on Wednesday.

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