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Trending Themed Events That Make Your Special Event Great


It can be tough to decide on the best party theme, whether it’s for a business event or a casual get-together that you want everyone to get excited about. What’s important is to make your party special by adding in a bit of the old and mixing it with the new, or by choosing themes that will spark change in your guests’ point of view or perspective in life.

Let’s take a look at what is trending for this year’s themed parties:

Medieval Lords and Ladies 

The TV series Game of Thrones became popular as soon as it hit the airwaves. It was a certified success and a lot of people became interested in looking for costumes and all sorts of collectible items related to the show. This year, you can also try to experience what it feels like to be a Lord or Lady by organizing a medieval-themed event. There are lots of references online, as well as illustrated books that can give a lot of insight into the culture and fashion during medieval times.

Acoustic and Chill

Laid back parties might be something you’re not expecting as most parties can typically be loud, filled with music, laughter, and conversation. Instead, having an acoustic night with mixed drinks, great quality music, and the best tasting grilled food might be something that your party guests need all along. There’ll be quality time spent with each other and your guests can even join in the fun simply by chilling.

Dress as Desserts 

Who said kids can have all the fun? Ice cream, chocolates, cotton candies, bubblegum, pop rocks—all these are fun and sweet things you can dress up as. You can lay out pastel-colored bean bags or drapes, as well as mix in some rainbow sprinkles over some baked cookies. You can also set up a painter’s area with some face paint or washable paint so your enthusiastic fellows won’t have any problems scrubbing out that color. This is a great way to unleash everyone’s creativity that’s been cramped while working.

The Great Norse Mythology 

Alongside medieval-themed parties, another popular trend thanks to another TV series is Vikings-themed parties. There are many selections of awesome costumes, food, and exquisite looking props. Of course, it’s not a complete Viking-themed party if you’re missing Viking drinking horns. If you want to feel like you’re wining and dining with the Norse gods themselves, go ahead and look for the best brand of Viking drinking horn, and your party will surely be an instant social media craze.

My Dreams Go La La Land 

It’s always fun to dress up and sing so hosting a musical-themed party will definitely be a hit among your guests. Since the songs are from the popular romantic musical film La La Land, the night will surely be filled with energy and great music. You can even hire circus performers such as jugglers, magicians, puppeteers or fire-breathers as this will surely add to the fun.

The Future Has Arrived 

Part of the great technology we can access today is being able to enjoy virtual reality headsets and other augmented reality simulations that can stimulate all your five senses. Have fun with your projectors and experiment with your LEDs, magically creating spaceships and aliens out of nowhere. For this theme, you can do some quirky and funky delicacies, and think of other out-of-this-world cocktails that your guests will surely be curious about.

Party For a Cause 

You can spread out that great enthusiasm and team spirit by hosting your party with a theme suited for the organization that you want to sponsor. There could be raffles and prizes, as well as a speaker to introduce the event and inspire your guests to support its cause.

Enjoy Yourself and Don’t Stress It! 

Coordinating events and planning the best themed-parties are not easy, but it’s not something you should stress about either if you want to have an amazing experience. Just enjoy and ask the people close to you for tips and ideas about how to throw the best party your guests will never forget!



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