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The Cotton Candy Bouquet Is The Viral Wedding Trend You Have To See (Video)

  There’s a new wedding trend that could leave brides everywhere taking taking a bite out of their big day.

Each year we’re introduced to a new class of wedding trends. For 2019 we can expect a particularly delicious trend to take a turn down the aisle. Don’t be appalled if your friends are gnawing at their bouquet. I’m not talking edible flowers — people are using cotton candy as wedding bouquets. And if you’d like to put me in your wedding party to carry a cotton candy bouquet down the aisle, I enthusiastically accept!

The latest trend direction at the altar doesn’t mean your wedding has to be carnival themed. Cotton candy, it turns out, adds a touch of whimsy to a ceremony. There’s no need for clowns to be around to justify the presence of the treat. Every trend needs a trendsetter, so who is behind the sugar rush?

Faheema Chaudhury, the owner and designer behind Unicorn Crafts, tells Delish, “I loooooove cotton candy and knew I had to make a cotton candy bouquet for my wedding.” Delish.com’s Sarah Weinberg spotted Chaudhury’s genius bouquet flower to candy switch-up which led to a discovery of even more brides with bouquets of the fluffy treat. It’s a good thing that cotton candy doesn’t leave vibrant stains on white dresses. Because it looks like this sweet trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

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