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Top 3 Reasons To Consider Stem Cell Banking In Dubai


In the past years, with the advancement of medical technology, there have been new and modernized options to cure diseases and save lives. Saving stem cells through cord blood banking is certainly one of them.

Dubai has especially seen quite the surge in this post-partum medical journey of securing a child’s future in the face of diseases.

What is stem cell banking? What could make it one of the best medical practices post-delivery in the future?

What Is Stem Cell Banking

When the umbilical cord is cut from the newborn baby and the placenta is disposed of, a good amount of cord blood is wasted along with that. This cord blood is extremely helpful when working as a channel serving good nutrients to the baby.

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However, even after birth, if one bank’s cord blood properly, it can help the child and the mother in the future. Then why aren’t there as many cases of stem cell banking in Dubai as there should be? This is probably because there isn’t much research on the subject. The lack of knowledge inevitably exudes fear, and many prevent cord blood banking.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Stem Cell Banking

Here are the researchers who prove one should be thinking about saving the placenta and umbilical cord in order to preserve cord blood and undergo stem cell therapy procedures:

Cure To Many Diseases

With age, our bone marrow depletes. However, sometimes this depletion can occur before, exposing us to diseases like leukemia, Lymphoma, Retinoblastoma, and Solid tumors. Or even blood-related diseases like Thalassemia, Aplastic anemia and anemia.

Yes, cord blood might not be able to replace bone marrow transplants. However, it can produce more blood cells over the years, which makes it an excellent option for curing more than 80 diseases.

It is especially helpful in emergency situations where finding a bone marrow donor with a match could be difficult.

It Is A Life Saver

This brings us to the next point of how having your own personal stem cell saved could save your life one day. It has not only the potential to restore blood cells in the individual but also in people carrying the same blood.

It is much more serious about matching blood groups than bone marrow. It was the year 1998 when the first cord blood stem cell banking commenced in medical science. In that very year, there were more than 30,000 transplants worldwide in order to cure different diseases.

This should be your cue to get your stem cell bank immediately after the delivery.

 It Is Simpler Than Other Procedures

Bleeding into the next point, we would like to highlight that medical journals and researchers do not have enough conviction when a stem cell procedure is complicated. Pain, and complicated, topped with money, are the factors that can make anyone back away from a medical procedure.

However, on the contrary, stem cell banking is a simple procedure, and there is no life risk. Plus, you will be free from any time-consuming procedures. Stem cell banking takes less than 5 minutes.

Why Bank Your Stem Cells After Giving Birth

Stem cells are present in our body throughout, so why do doctors recommend saving them right after birth?

  • The stem cells taken at birth have fewer chances of rejection from the body.
  • Cord blood cells are easy to store. However, when you collect bone marrow cells later on, it is difficult to extract and store them.
  • The stem cells in cord blood are great for immunity boosting during cancer treatment. This is an immunity that can only be derived from cord blood cells.