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Three Different Ways to Brew Your Favorite Beverage – Coffee


Are you looking for ways to keep yourself up through a long day of work? Or are you in the search for an energy booster to kick start your day? Whether to keep yourself awake or to stay active, the first thing that you are likely to reach out for is your cup of coffee!

A universal favorite among beverages, the rich aroma and fine taste of coffee are delighting people for ages. Find out how coffee was invented to learn its impressive history and the interesting stories that surround this beverage.

Brewing the Perfect Coffee

Coffee is also a drink that has evolved over time. While Americano and Espressos may have been the favorites earlier, today, there are several other ways you can enjoy your coffee too. Many of these methods are so simple that you can quickly try them out at home as well. For coffee lovers who are afraid of heartburn, you can also take note of some simple tips to enjoy pain-free.

Here are three different ways in which you can brew your cup of java:

Steeping Method

The first and perhaps the most fundamental method of getting the perfect cup of coffee is the steeping method. Steeping, in simple words, means immersing; so, as the name suggests in this method, you brew your coffee by immersing the beans in hot water directly. The two ingredients combine organically and uncover completely unique flavors from the same beans.

The secret to mastering the steeping method is time. Over steeped or under steeped coffee can affect the taste of your drink. So time your drink carefully depending on the strength of coffee that you enjoy.

French Press Method

If you thought that your espresso machines were the best way to brew your coffee at home, think again! The French press may have been in use since your grandmother’s time, but it still tops the list of favorites for coffee lovers. Wondering why? Well, the first factor is that it is extremely cost-efficient. The second, of course, is the taste which is far better than the machine brewed coffee.

The only con of the French Press is that the processing takes some time. However, if you can spare seven minutes or so for the plunging, you will be rewarded with an extraordinary taste.

Filtration or Drip Method

Another brewing method that is in vogue right now is the filtration or the drip method. There are plenty of cool dripper options available in the market. You can invest in anyone that you find is comfortable and handy for your use.

Freshly ground beans work best for this method. But you can also grind the beans in advance if you are pressed for time.

The brewing method is very simple. All you need to do is pour some water over your ground beans and let them sit on the filter. You can use a kettle with a spout to control the rate of pour. Let gravity slowly percolate the water through your beans, and enjoy a clean and light-tasting brew anywhere, anytime.

So, why wait? Try any of these fantastic methods today and explore a completely new taste journey!