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Things to Consider During eCommerce Website Development


Who among today’s web users is not familiar with online shopping? The development of an online shop – Is a fairly complex process, because you must correctly implement a joint operation of the site, a database of goods and a payment system

The layout of the website should be easy to understand. One should be able to easily know where to go when he or she needs something (e-commerce website development). 

This ease of access can be increased through the use of navigation tools. The site should also have a good visual appeal. Appropriate backgrounds and colors should be used. This goes a long way in increasing the number of visitors.

In order to increase sales, a sufficient number of product names should be posted online. Customers should also be able to get advice online at any time. 

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In the world of e-commerce, the most common open-source platforms are tools such as WordPress, Magento’s Community Edition and Joomla.

With pre-defined key performance indicators, you’ll be able to give your digital agency a better understanding of your goals, and you’ll have an internal measure for achieving those goals. Make sure the agency you work with is prepared and ready to meet these new standards.

Commercial sites are created for profit; non-commercial sites are created for personal use and information sharing only.


  • An online shop is a commercial website that sells goods directly
  • A company’s official website is commercial because it advertises the services it provides
  • A major news resource is also commercial because it makes money by advertising on its pages
  • A personal blog is non-commercial because its author posts free of charge

In most cases, the border between the two is very blurred. A personal blog should have a sufficient number of visitors and regular readers as it is possible to place advertising articles or ordinary banners and receive money for that.

On today’s Internet, almost 99% of all sites are commercial (eCommerce store development services).

Having decided to create a website, you must have an idea of what will be published on it, and what function it will perform. For instance, you are going to offer services or masterclasses?

Here is a list of typical functions:

  • Attracting customers
  • Automatic processing of requests and orders
  • Promote your brand
  • Creation of trust
  • Delivering information
  • Providing necessary files for downloading
  • Automation of calculations (package price, loan calculator)

It is important to ensure that online business is conducted on a secure platform. The passwords used should only be known to authorized persons. Unauthorized access should be prevented by a password system.  If people with bad intentions infiltrate the system, they may be involved in fraud. This can lead to significant losses.