The World of Photo Editing is Crystal Clear with Luminar

Luminar is an image quality enhancer that is not afraid of innovation. Even though manual enhancements and edits are crucial in photo editing, we are aware that the future quickly speeds up towards the technology realm. Luminar is redefining the meaning of photo editing, by placing its bets on AI by making smart adjustments effortlessly and in less time.

AI is becoming an increasingly powerful technology for photography. It can create photos, reduce file sizes, clean up noisy images. These AI innovations can help developers of photo-editing software please customers because they allow turning post-processing into a simpler and more powerful pastime than ever before. And Skylum is an active part of the AI-powered photo editing world.

AI Sky Enhancer

AI Sky Enhancer automatically analyzes your photos to detect ruined skies in landscapes. Such a sky can be the result of overexposure or underexposure, making it look unappealing. After detecting it, the filter makes selective adjustments just to the sky part. These are some gentle adjustments to bring out both the vivid colors of the blue sky and enhancing the details of the clouds. Since the sky almost always takes up half the photo in landscape photography, AI Sky Enhancer is an essential feature for nature enthusiasts. You can take advantage of it even if you are a Lightroom user, by utilizing Luminar as a part of your Lightroom plugins collection.

Accent AI filter

There are not a lot of photo editing programs that can make photo editing adjustments completely automatically. The Accent AI filter is a tool that allows you to adjust your photo effortlessly and quickly. It can simultaneously apply such enhancements as contrast, color, exposure, and control details using a single slider. It looks just like magic, making flat images look dynamic and vivid, colorful and full of life. The Accent AI can improve your image in a few seconds, saving you hours of work.

Upcoming features

The Luminar 3 update is not the limit. There is a whole roadmap planned for upcoming features because improving non-stop and constantly thinking about the needs of photographers is Skylum’s biggest aim.

AI-powered tools

Skylum believes in the importance of AI. With the algorithms specifically trained to detect problematic spots, AI can quickly select the area you need. In the not so distant future, Luminar will focus on tools specifically for skin editing, since it is one of the most important parts of a portrait. Also, soon there will be available AI-powered tools that can remove objects from your images and allow you to apply masking even more simply than you already can.

Smart Search

Soon in Luminar Libraries, you will be able to use Smart Search to find the images you need. Right now there is a rating system, a color system and a favorites folder to quickly access your photos. However, professional photographers use keywords, EXIF information and also file names, and Luminar soon will be up-to-date with these needs.


A new Skylum product for business users, Picturespeed is a cloud-based service, that allows conducting AI-assisted batch processing of photos. Uploading your images into a cloud is handy for saving space and for amount-wise challenging tasks. The batch processing feature is great for all kinds of businesses, including printing, photo-processing, and others. Picturespeed includes such amazing features as smart resolution enhancement and color correction, that is really handy to quickly turn your photos into masterpieces. Also, it allows full body skin retouching and stylization tools to refine your photos and truly making them shine. Picturespeed will truly live up to its name, focusing on speed and performance, as well as providing clients with a smart product that caters to their needs and simplifies their lives.