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The Number One Reason Why Americans Are Switching To Plant-Based Diets (Video & Infograph)


Americans are procrastinators when it comes to their health: half “always” say they’re going to start a new diet tomorrow but never do, according to a new study.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed 57% are putting off starting a new diet — and one reason might be the plethora of options.

The survey results found that of those who have experimented with their diet (72%), 76% believe there are an overwhelming variety of diet options, which might be why the average respondent has already tried nine different diets.

But in good news, some of this trial and error might be coming to an end.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of The Vitamin Shoppe® for plnt®, the survey discovered 73% believe they’re currently on the “right” diet for their body.


And the same percentage of people said their current diet is beneficial for their overall emotional well-being.

When asked why they started their current diet, the top reason for respondents was managing their weight (51%).

That was followed by health concerns (50%) and wanting to improve their mood (42%). Rounding out the top five included a lifestyle change (37%) and wanting more energy (36%).

Respondents were also asked about their current diet plan: while 33% said none in particular, 24% are currently vegetarians and 15% follow a plant-based diet.

The survey dug specifically into plant-based diets, looking at what set respondents on this path — or what may be holding them back.

Respondents who are currently on a plant-based diet or interested in trying one (1,501 respondents) shared what their motivating factors are.

The top reason to try — or consider trying a plant-based diet — was revealed to be health concerns (45%), followed by improving their mood and weight management (both 41%).

Rounding out the top five reasons included other lifestyle changes (37%) and wanting more energy (35%).

“We’re on a mission to help educate those interested in a plant-based diet by offering credible information and resources, alongside an assortment of trusted, quality products, to support customers on their health journeys — including our plnt® brand of plant-based herbs and supplements made with ingredients sourced in nature,” said Muriel Gonzalez, chief merchandising and marketing officer at The Vitamin Shoppe.
Of those not on a plant-based diet, 46% said they’re open to giving one a try, but they don’t know where to start.

The top reason people listed for why they haven’t participated in a plant-based diet was cravings for foods that are excluded from the diet (42%).

“Despite some common worries surrounding a plant-based diet, we encourage people who want to learn more to consider its advantages,” added Gonzalez. “A plant-based diet is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment and help keep food costs lower. To cover any potential nutrient gaps, supplements can be a smart addition to ensure any diet includes all of your essential vitamins and minerals.”

Weight management (51%)
Health concerns (50%)
Wanted to improve mood (42%)
Lifestyle change (37%)
Wanted more energy (36%)

Health concerns (45%)
Wanting to improve their mood (41%)
Weight management (41%)
Lifestyle changes (37%)
Wanting more energy (35%)

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