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The Complete Puppy Shopping List for Soon-to-Be Dog Parents


While bringing a puppy into your home marks the beginning of a heartwarming adventure, it also invites new challenges. Paying vet bills, dealing with basic training, and learning to stay patient can be challenging feats, regardless of how adorable your canine companion is.

As a soon-to-be puppy parent, there are countless responsibilities you’ll have to assume in advance. Required preparation includes purchasing all of the necessary equipment you will need over the next several months, from an age-appropriate collar to lip-smacking treats for your new pup.

Securing the following items before your puppy arrives will lighten your load of responsibilities in the early days of dog parenthood.

A crate your pup can grow into

A properly-sized crate is vital. Although training may take a little time, the kennel will ultimately provide security and comfort for your new puppy familiarizing themselves with your home’s uncharted territory.

The crate shouldn’t be too large, but it should allow your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Remember that specific dog breeds may adapt to your living spaces more effortlessly than others. A high-energy pup like this may resist the crate at first, but eventually, your furry friend will acclimate and respond positively to kennel time.

A comfortable bed

Bedding is another must-have item that your pet will use every single day. Try to find a size-appropriate plush bed that is roomy enough for your dog to sleep soundlessly on. Just make sure it doesn’t look like a pee pad since this tends to cause confusion and increase the frequency of household accidents.

Gates or pens

You can use a gate or a pen to block doorways, designate specific areas for your pet to play, or even block off-limit spaces. Dog parents can also utilize gates or sturdy playpens to keep children safe by containing their pup during certain parts of the day. Remember to have pee pads on hand indoors while your puppy is still in training. Otherwise, you may spot stubborn urine stains in these gated areas.

Toys and treats

Furry friends in their all-too-infamous puppy phase tend to chew everything in sight, from clothing to furniture to shoes tossed by the front door. While training your pet and puppy-proofing your home are foolproof ways to limit damages, providing toys for restless pups is sure to yield satisfactory results. When shopping, it’s best to look for durable toys that will entertain your energetic puppy for extended periods, such as rope twists or rubber puzzle toys.

Tasty dog treats can also cure a routine case of puppy boredom. You can try out various options in terms of treats and see which one your dog prefers most. Explore chews, jerkies, cheeses, deli meats, and packaged snacks until you have a few winners to keep in rotation.

Puppy food and bowls

Your new pet will eat about three times each day. That said, make sure to find a formula that meets your pup’s nutritional needs and is tailored to his or her age and size. Food will help with growth, development, and immune support. Keep a nearby bowl filled with fresh water to ensure that your canine pal stays hydrated.

Dog accessories


Try to find a nylon or leather collar with a snap or buckle closure to ensure your pup’s new accessory doesn’t slip and slide during games of fetch or trips to the park. Be warned that you’ll need to purchase new collars as your furry friend grows. That way, you can protect your pup from potentially risky skin irritations caused by a tightly- fitting collar. As a general rule, you should be able to fit about two fingers underneath it.

Identification tags

These tags list your dog’s name and information, along with your contact number in case he or she gets lost.


A good leash is about four to six feet in length. Before purchasing, confirm that the leash consists of sturdy material with a comfortable handle for you, as the dog mom or dog dad.

Cleaning supplies

Accidents will happen, no matter what. Get ready by stocking your house with the necessary items before bringing your puppy home. Paper towels and a few different household cleaners will likely do the trick.

Grooming tools

These include shampoo, conditioner, and ear wash to keep your pup clean. A brush, nail clippers, and wipes will help your canine companion look and feel their best. Toothpaste and a toothbrush can help you maintain your furry friend’s oral hygiene.




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