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How To Train Your Dog In 2020

Image: South Florida Reporter

Let’s face it: Puppies are the cutest animals in the world. In the current situation of uncertainty and pandemics, more and more people are deciding to get themselves a four-legged friend who will be there for them.

If you are one of those lucky ones, please accept our congratulations and several tips on how to raise a puppy.

First of all, please keep in mind that your brand new dog needs socialization and training. Those are the two main keys to its healthy mental life, and here is why. It is way easier for him to know exactly what you expect from it and how to behave. When your dog is well-trained, it has all the tools to happily co-exist with you and be your friend. If he is not taken care of in terms of training, it will face so many unpleasant situations in which the puppy will not know what it did wrong and how to behave next time. Socialization is another crucial component. It presupposes your dog getting to know other animals and, of course, people. 

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to stay consistent and devote your time on a daily basis. Your pet will need to learn some of the basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, etc. You will also have to teach it how to walk on a loose leash so that walks are more enjoyable for both you and your puppy. If you are not quite sure how to organize the whole process, you may as well check out online dog training or find a group offline and get more tips from the experts.

Image: South Florida Reporter

Teaching your pet is a long way and to be honest it should last for the entire life of your pet. However, everything starts with a name. Obviously, you need to teach your pet its name. By the way, make sure to pick a short name with a strong consonant: It will be easier for your dog to learn it and it will grab its attention when he is still a puppy. The very first command to consider in the one to come when you call your pup by its name.

Make sure to make it a big deal each time it runs towards you and show how glad you are that he knows what to do when you call him. The training process always presupposes small steps, so at first, try to call when you spend time together, but then you need to try calling when your puppy is busy, curious, or occupied with something interesting. 

As we have mentioned before, it is crucial to reward the behavior that you would like to encourage. This method is called positive reinforcement. There are so many ways to positively reinforce your dog: toys, heaps of praise, his favorite food and treats, the list goes on and includes everything that your pet likes.

The secret lies in not reinforcing negative behavior: when he jumps at you each time you come home, do not hug him (we know you want to!) as he will continue doing it with all people who come over. In this case, it is better to ignore this behavior, do your things, and play only after it settles. 

To sum up, training your dog is an exciting process that can bring a lot of fun and structure into your daily life. Once your pet knows the basic commands and rules, it will be easier to learn more. 



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