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The All-In-One Guide to Pulmonary Embolism


A report by the National Heart, Lung and blood institute suggests that approximately half of the people suffering from pulmonary embolism do not display any symptoms at all. As a matter of fact, most of them are not even aware that they have the condition. About 300,000 to 600,000 people are affected by pulmonary embolism on an annual basis in the United States alone. The same number is also affected by deep vein thrombosis.

Regardless of the symptoms that are present, pulmonary embolism is a very serious and dangerous condition. It could at times be life-threatening. Its unpredictability has become one of the scariest things about the condition. It can cause drastic reactions without any prior warnings. Some of the symptoms include chest pains, change in breathing pattern, increase in heartbeat, among others. Someone who’s going through these symptoms may assume them to be another illness such as acid reflux, respiratory infection or any other passing infection.

There are some preventions and treatments that will help you to lower your risk of contracting this condition. They include: remaining active, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and improving your diet. If your veins are injured, take special precautions. Visit a hospital, the trauma wing or post-surgery.

What is Pulmonary Embolism?

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Pulmonary embolism (also referred to as PE) is a very serious condition. Its major symptom and also its identifying factor is a blood clot that manifests in a lung artery. The major cause of this condition is a clot that has traveled from the leg to the lung of the patient.

Deep vein thrombosis (or DVT) is the blood clot that occurs in the leg. When one has DVT, the clot may break away from the original location. It then makes its way through the body, via the bloodstream and settles somewhere else; this may be the brain or the lungs. Permanent damage may occur if the clot blocks normal circulation from taking place in the lungs. This is due to the reduced amount of oxygen. Death may even occur. Due to complications arising from this situation, three out of ten of all patients suffering from pulmonary embolism will die. Some may also die from the death of the healthy cells as well as tissue damage.

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