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Super Healthy Coffee Recipes to Supercharge Your Mornings

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Coffee is an awesome way to get you through the day, especially if you’re not exactly a morning person. The only problem is that most store-bought coffee these days is more sugar and milk than actual coffee beans, and if you’re trying to look out for your health, these should probably be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to still enjoy some downright delicious coffee that you can incorporate into the healthy lifestyle you’re trying to lead, it just takes a bit of imagination! Here are some easy recipes that you can try today:

1. Low-Cal Mocha

Take your favorite coffee, brew and pour it into a cup as you usually would, but instead of regular milk, add half a cup of unsweetened chocolate almond milk, and a touch of stevia to taste – not too much, this stuff is strong! And voila, a delicious cup of coffee at the price of almost zero calories!

2. Tiramisu Mocha Latte

Heat up some almond milk just until it reaches the boiling point, and whisk in some cinnamon and cocoa powder (make sure to stir until there are no more lumps). Add a touch of vanilla extract as well as orange extract, and then use a large mug to combine the mix with your coffee. Put some whipped cream on top, and you’re good to go!

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3. Trim Magical Coffee

You’ll need a cup of high-quality ground coffee – order from a reputable source such as Coffeeble if you really want to nail the taste – then add three cups of water, one teaspoon of cinnamon and three teaspoons of Truvia – that’s it! Mix all the ingredients together in a mug, then let it sit at room temperature for a day. After this, the trick is to press it through a coffee filter, combine with cream to taste and you’ve got yourself a stunning cup of coffee, packed with healthy ingredients.

4. Bulletproof Coffee

Start off with 2 tablespoons of ground coffee, 10 ounces of water, one tablespoon of butter and one teaspoon of MCT oil. Boil your coffee, and allow it to steep for 3 minutes. Then pour it into a blender, add the butter and MCT oil and blend for 30 seconds. That’s it, you’ve got some heavenly tasting (and most important, healthy) coffee and it takes less than 5 minutes!

5. Cinnamon Coconut Latte

This one is a bit trickier, but definitely worth it. Brew 12 ounces of coffee, and while it brews melt some coconut butter in a separate pot. Add half a cup of milk to the pot and whisk until it combines with the butter. Add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and then combine the mix with your coffee. Done!

As you can see, it’s absolutely possible to get your hands on some healthy coffee, so you can stay energized throughout the day without ever having to ingest a load of sugar.

Cheers, coffee lovers!