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Sunburn — The Morning Read Of What’s Hot In Florida Politics — 6.13.22

By Peter Schorsch

Good Monday morning.

Congratulations to our friend Charlie Crist on his engagement to Chelsea Grimes. When Michelle and I first met them as a couple, we just knew there was something special there.

Congrats to the happy couple!


The qualifying period for offices from state Representative to Governor begins today and ends at noon Friday.

That means candidates will be zooming to the nearest notary to fill out their candidate oath forms and possibly a trek to Tallahassee to hand-deliver a check for the qualifying fee — those range from $1,781.82 for state legislative candidates up to $10,440 for U.S. Senate candidates.

If 2022 follows recent history, it’s likely we’ll see more than a few curveballs and costly mistakes before the week is through.

Perhaps a candidate will rely on USPS to get their paperwork to the R.A. Gray building on time, only to be disappointed. Or maybe they’ll draft a check from the wrong account.

There are slip-ups every election year that leads to unexpected results — Rep. Anika Omphroy, for instance, won by default four years ago after the incumbent in her district failed to deliver all his required paperwork.

Anika Omphroy won in a pivotal qualifying week in 2018.

Then there’s the chance a candidate will appear out of left field. It seems to happen every year the Governor or U.S. Senator is on the ballot.

In 2018, the surprise entry was Jeff Greene, who spent millions of his own money running for the Democratic nomination for Governor only to muster 10% of the vote … and muck up the odds for Gwen Graham and Philip Levine.

Last-second entrants, failures and switcheroos are especially likely in this year’s slate of congressional races. While some races will certainly be jam-packed à la the 2020 races for Florida’s 3rd and 19th Congressional Districts, not every seat will draw 10-plus candidates.

Either way, come Friday afternoon, we’ll know who will have their name on the ballot for every office up for election in the fall.


The Florida Chamber of Commerce unveiled its 2022 Florida Chamber Legislative Report Card, showcasing grades earned by all 160 lawmakers in the state House and Senate based on their votes during the 2022 Legislative Session and Special Session.

“Working together as a unified business community is how we will keep Florida’s economy growing and competitive,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson. “As Florida continues to pace the nation’s economic recovery out of the pandemic, Florida’s business climate must remain a priority if we are going to continue on the path to grow private-sector jobs, diversify our economy, and create additional economic opportunities for all Floridians.”

The Florida Chamber said its 2022 Legislative Report Card “is an annual opportunity to recognize Florida Legislature members who made Florida more competitive through nonpartisan private-sector job creation above special interests and attempts to protect the status quo. The Report Card also informs the public on which lawmakers voted in favor of private-sector job creation and a stronger, more diversified economy.

The 2022 report card is based on over 3,100 votes cast during the 2022 Legislative Session and Special Session D. Results show the average GPA was 78% in the Senate and 65% in the House. The combined average was 68%. Overall, 32 lawmakers earned As, 48 earned Bs, 21 earned Cs, nine earned Ds and 50 failed.

A list of the grades received by each lawmaker is available on the Florida Chamber’s website.

Lawmakers with the highest grades voted in favor of Chamber priorities, such as COVID-19 liability protections for health care providers, infrastructure funding, student assessments, the Local Business Protection Act, property insurance reform, and extending VISIT FLORIDA’s authorization.


@RealStanVG: I can’t believe this would be a controversial statement, but it will be — inflation is not as big a problem as a U.S. President trying to overthrow the results of an election and inciting an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

@JimmyPatronis:.@GovRonDeSantis & the Legislature passed a $200 MILLION gas tax cut to combat inflation. With all the tourists Florida receives, this cut is specifically for Florida residents by putting it in the 4th quarter when tourism is at its lowest.

@SteveBousquet: On same weekend as March for Our Lives rallies in Fla. and across U.S., Florida GOP’s Second Amendment committee passes resolution urging Legislature to pass open-carry gun law

@JaredEMoskowitz: Almost 2 years before #Parkland, I stood at the memorial at #Pulse. I pray for the victims’ families. My community and families suffered and were broken because of the inaction after Pulse. I think about that all the time.

@StanleyCup: Hoping for a third date, eh? Things are getting serious @TBLightning …

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