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Steve Says The 2019 Leaf+ Has Fully Bloomed


When the 2nd generation LEAF electric car was sprung last year it fulfilled its mission of delivering a longer driving range at a lower price…starting at under $22,500 after the federal tax credit.

Its foliage fully bloomed; Nissan tweaked and improved the best-selling EV of all-time in a very satisfying way.  But it was no secret that something even better was in the works.  Meet the new 2019 Nisan LEAF e+.

While the regular LEAF will take you 150 miles on a full charge, this one tacks on another 75 miles thanks to a battery with 55% more capacity and a motor delivering 45% more power.  That translates into an increased 250 pound-feet of instantaneous torque adding more passing prowess at highway speeds while raising the top speed.

Surprisingly the e+ doesn’t squeeze the LEAF’s versatility; the battery pack is almost the same size as the standard model’s so exterior and interior dimensions are virtually unchanged, comfortably seating 4 or in a pinch 5.  As it pertains to plugging in, Nissan is introducing a new 70kW Quick Charging system that they say will lead to similar charge times as current LEAF owners during fast charging…about 40 minutes.

Right now, LEAF owners get to use these EVgo fast chargers for 2 years without cost.  Otherwise it adds up to about $12 to recharge with one of these Level III systems.

New for the LEAF e+ is a larger 8-inch display, with an updated navigation system with over the air updates that can be linked to a compatible smartphone for seamless driving and walking directions.

Subtle e+ design cues include a revised front fascia with blue highlights and an e+ logo on the underside of the charge port lid.

The Plus will be sold alongside the regular LEAF, available in S, SV and SL trim levels, of course with a premium price tag which Nissan has yet to divulge.  The e+ is coming your way this spring.