State Levies Ridiculous Fine Against FL House Candidate

Roxanne Valies, right, with former Gov Charlie Crist and State Rep Hazelle Rogers in 2014

By, Special to, June 23, 2015 – 

What happens when a Florida House Candidate fails to obey elections laws? The State of Florida issues them a $62.50 fine and a few sternly worded letters. Last month, REDBROWARD revealed Florida House District 95 candidate Roxanne Vailes failed to file her required campaign financial report. Valies, a Democrat ally of current District 95 representative Hazelle Rogers, should have filed the report on May 11, 2015. She finally filed her report on June 10, 2015.

In a June 17th letter, the State of Florida told Valies she had been automatically fined $62.50 for filing late.

Last week, REDBROWARD exposed serious issues with Valies’ financial reports.

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For April, Valies listed three contributions made by Valies herself. Two cash contributions of $50 each and one $150 check. In May, Valies loaned the campaign another $300 from her own funds.

As REDBROWARD previously reported, Florida election law prohibits candidates from accepting cash contributions over fifty dollars. Section 106.09(1)(a) states, “A person may not make an aggregate cash contribution…to the same candidate or committee in excess of $50 per election.” According to the law, anyone who accepts more than $50 in cash, “commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.” Accepting more than $5000 is a felony.

The aggregate of Valies’ two cash contributions is $100 dollars, a first degree misdemeanor under Florida law.

On top of her reporting issues, Valies admitted to living outside of District 95. On her reports, Valies lists her Sunrise address which lies within Florida House District 97.

Why should candidates care about following election law when the fines are less than a $100? Why should they live in the district when the Supervisor of Elections office won’t enforce the Florida Constitution?

Broward voters deserve better.

And you wonder why we’re in trouble…